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    German Shepherd
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    I dunno
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    Wouldn't you like to know
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  1. Kobalt


    Welcome to this pawsome sight for furs!! ^3^
  2. Kobalt


    Growing up with an older brother the size of a bear, I personally know I can take a punch. I just don't know how well I could fight....never been in one. >3< Yus, you should take a shot at it, see how it goes. Drink a lot of milk and eat eggs. :P
  3. Hi hi! Welcome to the furry place, mister duck. o3o
  4. *Evil Puppy Glare*

    1. Dav Sionnach

      Dav Sionnach

      *scritches behind ears*
    2. Kobalt


      Arff... can't be evil when......dat feels so good... >3< :P
  5. Hello Marto! I'm new too. Welcome! ^3^
  6. Hi, I are Kobalt tha German Shepherd. *hugz*   Just a doof fur that doesn't really open up a lot but would like to start. Hello to all! Hope to meet new peeps and have a nice time. This site seems very promising. :3
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