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  1. Thank you for the Welcomes, everyone.  :dragoninlove:
  2. Well I guess I have a thing for paws, bondage, musk, sweat, 69, rimming, being dominated, being the center of a gangbang.  I find Transformation from/during sex oddly hot, there are some great stories that include it.  Then there are werewolves.  <3     Yeah... I'm fairly weird.  lol
  3. Hey, I figured I'd try getting more involved in the furry community as part of my New Year's resolution so here I am!   http://www.furaffinity.net/user/ketsuekiwolf/   I've been in FA for 5 years, and have been into the fandom a little longer than that.  I don't really have an official fursona or anything like that.... but one of these days I will.  If I can settle on a species.  I'm also not THAT big into RPing, but I'll give it a shot in here, just don't expect me to lead any.  lol  If you're curious to know WHO I am, I'm pretty much a sarcastic, smart ass, and fun-loving guy.  I'm not one to judge, or be an outright ass to anyone, I'm an open person.  I'm also a gamer(GAYmer) with a PS4, I'm currently playing Mortal Kombat X Until Uncharted 4.  Love watching movies, and love reading good fiction books as well.   I'm hoping I can make some new friends on here, and get more involved with the furry community. 
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