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  1. So apparently Home Depot has switched to using a computer to hand out hours to all the people who work for the company... however the computer sucks. I requested a change in my work hours and while it was approved, the computer did not register the fact that my hours are now different. So my schedule is still the same and I have to talk with management to have them manually change it...which is fucking wasting my time.


    1. TieDyeDragon


      Damn sorry hun "good lucko

    2. Bysector


      i hate computers handling stuff like that
      good luck love

    3. LadyArachne


      Thanks...and yeah it's stupid.

  2. Out if a the league of legends characters I play braum is by far my favorite. I love playing him, his character is awesome and he is normally my go to support for most games besides Jana and Morgana.

    He will be there to protect those in need...even fricken Teemo. 

    I also try to be more friendly while playing braum, cause it feels wrong to be mean as him.

  3. *Has a banana stabbed into my heart*

    Naomi...i'm not going to make it...i just want you to know

    ...I burned your fruit stash...and the cinnamon rolls you stole.

    he he...he...(X,,X)

    1. Naomi


      ( •̀ω•́) ...🍌(x,,x)

           ( •̀ω•́)vY(OAO)  *boops the banana in deeper*

      ( •̀ω•́)        (XAX)

  4. So i was playing a phone mmo called Toram online today, which is a fun game that is somewhat anime based. I was simply talking to people in map chat casually and my username is MsSquish...and some guy takes that and says this. "Can I squish my dick in you?" Of course as lewd as i can be sometimes, i am not just some whore who will obey that kind of i started insulting his dick. To be honest, jerks like this guy probably have a small one to begins with. :)

  5. You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    When I am casually playing a mmo game and talking with people on map chat...and some asshole decides it would be fun to sexually harass me.

    *Starts to glow very brightly as the pokemon evolution music plays in the background.*

    *One the music ends, i have transformed into a mildly bigger other changes.*

  7. *says I would draw arachne...gets totally distracted every time I try*

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    2. Red



    3. braenuun


      lol you said "rub it out" bysector heh

    4. Bysector


      Oh...hehe yeah :-D 

      Hah even in normal speech, my words are littered with sexual things. 

  8. Last person to post wins.

    ...*closes the door to a room full of corndogs* no we are completely out. >~>
  9. Was playing rainbow 6 earlier and one person on my team thought it was a good idea to randomly shoot my I popped a couple shells in his back.

    This guy sends me a message saying "grrrr". That's it, so I simply said "Don't shoot my friend." His response was "1v1 me"...

    I have confident faith that people on the internet are mature adults. :D


  10. Last person to post wins.

    Maybe...but you have to pass try by potato. In other words you must beat sham in 1v1 combat
  11. Planning on trying to draw arachne in anthro form. She wouldn't cat sized like the magical, taur version of her but would still have six arms and an abdomen just above her butt.

    I already have a mental image...I just hope I can make it just how I imagine I --w--

  12. They told me i could be i became a spooder with a big booty.


  13. So i have this xbox friend that i play rainbow six siege with and i don't know why...but i somehow always manage to kill him by accident.

    The first time was pretty bad, i shot bomb into a room right when my friend was going in...and i blew him up along with another teammate. The second time someone came at him and had a gun all up in his face. I killed the person...but killed my friend as well. I kill my friend to the point that he needed to stop playing with me for a bit because I always find a way...i feel really bad too but it's so god damn funny XD

    1. TieDyeDragon


      Oh may God that's great

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai


  14. *walks out to the bus stop from work*

    *Sees police nearby talking to a lady in the parking lot about... something?*

    *Gets to bus stop and asks nearby lady if she knows was interrupted by a crazy lady who promptly insults me calling me a weak selfish American or something along those lines.*

    *As said crazy lady rambles on about hating America in general... decides to say nothing and just walk away and nope my way all the way home.*

    ...*also hopes that the police being there and the crazy lady are not connected in some way.*

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Sorry you had that experience. Don't let people's bitterness get to ya.

    2. LadyArachne


      It's not that she got to's more that she scared the fuck out of me :C