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  1. Wish granted, the bag is full of gold bars. I wish to have the power of making things obserdly gothic and edgy.
  2. Wish granted, but everyone around keeps telling you that you are wrong regardless of how articulated your arguments are to a conversation and disregard your facts as opinions. I wish i could be my sona Talia.
  3. Red

    Happy Birthday! :dance:

  4. Red

    Happy Birthday! :dance:

  5. My kavat looks like Wilford brimley.


    1. TieDyeDragon
    2. Ryo Satsuma

      Ryo Satsuma

      I do not know what this creature is, but it has fantastic facial hair

  6. So went on a quick test with my new weapon on Warframe, the phage and was kind of surprised to find out it was a shotgun. I took it into a low level mission to see what it does and apparently it's a frickin disease blower. I sprayed viral damage all over the place and anything the beams touched died in seconds from status damage...now all I have to give it more status ailments and my primed point blank and it will become disgusting. 

    1. Naomi


      The Phage was the very first weapon in the game that made me feel powerful. I've since gotten faaaaaaar better weapons, but.....I have a love for it, so I still have it in my inventory.

      My Ignis is my current go-to for massive AoE primary.

      But...I'll admit.....the Phage is still fun to me. I just need to slap on like....2 more forma to bring it up to speed -3-

  7. Everyone! Behold the hook that shines with power of our Lord and savior Roadhog's glow!


    1. Talia


      Totally didn't forget to add the screenshot >~>

    2. Ryo Satsuma
  8. *the mission is done...the riven mod complete*

    *now...all i feel...is being fricken triggered to the point that i give no shits.*


    1. Naomi


      Roll that a few times and you could either make that dumb weapon decent. Or sell that for decent plat -3-

    2. Red
    3. Talia


      yeah...probably will have to *sighs*

  9. My Mission, if i chose to accept it for this riven rifle mod...is to kill all enemies in an elimination mission...without even being seen.



    1. Talia


      ...*is raging so hard...but the challenge was accepted. Failure is not an option. (o,,o)


    2. Naomi


      Ivara! Or Loki! GOSH! D:<

      The most annoying Rivens I've had to open were:

      1) Complete a level 30+ Interception, Solo, with a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped, without dying.
      2) Maintain a 3x melee combo for 30sec with Hobbled Dragon Key equipped.
      and...the worst I've done...
      3) Get 5 headshot kills, midair, with Hobbled equipped.

      They all sound simple, but.....surprisingly challenging.

    3. Talia


      I have been playing Ivara...but it doesn't account for the Zanuka attacks -w-

  10. So I have been experimenting with harrow and so far am loving his kit. He's quite obviously meant as a support frame but is a pretty damn tank one because of how his first ability works. He throws out a cone that locks down enemies preventing them from moving at all or even attacking. For each enemy he hits he gets overshields and his passive is that he gets double overshields. 

    On top of that he has healing, energy Regen and damage buff/crit chance buff. 

    If Trinity wasn't obsolete as a Warframe before she certainly is now because of harrow.


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Naomi


      *Equinox's atchu*
      Fite me (•̀ω•́ ))))

    3. Talia



      *pulls out maxed out tigris and hikou equipped with concealed explosives and barrel diffusion mods.*

    4. Naomi


      *Pulls out....! ..........The hell do I use? Um....um! A.....BOX OF RAMEN!!!* >A<

  11. Bio lab research requirements for the Hema Machine Gun and it's difficulty.

    5000 credits: easy as hell.

    5000 mutagen samples: probably about a months worth grinding between me, shamha and the rest of the clan

    10000 nano spores: I have over 200000 just on my account.

    10000 plastids: a pain in the ass as well but bearable.

    Overall challenge:...this is going to be a bitch -w-

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Naomi


      Solid set, honestly.

    3. Bysector


      Do you play on Pc by the way arachne 

    4. Talia


      I tried but I was playing on Xbox way before then. So I stay on Xbox.

  12. BEHOLD MY FUN GUY!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. TieDyeDragon
    2. Talia


      it's a he and he kills things and finds me the phat loots

  13. totally did not post about this in a completely different thread 



    Got valykr prime done...going to get a hemelith charger...is totally scatter brained today.

  14. *drools slightly as I stare at my crafting station*

    Soon you will be mine Valkyr prine...in about 4 days. I've waited this long...I can wait a bit longer.


    1. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      Go for an energy build. efficiency, capacity, strength. You can use your 4th ability and be invincible while ripping people to shreds. Also the only way I was able to get my Inaros.

    2. Talia


      Ok I have those mods, I was also thinking of throwing on Sprint for extra movement speed, steel charge aura cause I think it increases my 4 abilities melee damage and vitality for more health

    3. Talia


      Even if steel charge doesn't increase my 4 ability I will be in melee anyway most of the time.

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