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  • Birthday 06/24/1986

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  1. Ama! :3

    1. Amaroq


      :3 Malu!

      I was wondering how much time I had before you noticed I was on. :P

    2. Maluenda


      X3 you ass.

      Always disappearing on me.

    3. Amaroq


      Hehe whoops, I closed this window.

  2. Look at you, being semi active again x3

  3. I'm missing youuuuuuuuuu

  4. Come here often?

    1. Amaroq


      Not as much anymore, though I should. :P

  5. Sorry for not keeping in touch. I love you guys just as much as always. :3

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Amaroq


      Been addicted to various video games. :P

    3. Amaroq


      I love you most Hyl~ xD

    4. Hyliad
  6. Spent my 4th of July playing Furvilla.

    I have no regrets.

  7. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    1. Amaroq


      Oh I did. :3 Saw the new Independence Day which came out the same day. Thank you!

  8. Happy birthday my friend!

  9. Happy birthday you old fluffy fart. :)

    1. Amaroq


      :3 Daw thank you Malu. <3

  10. Slept all day. Stayed up all night. Decided I was gonna put my sleep schedule straight again.

    Realize gamed too long while staying up. Bus is no longer running, so I can't go shopping.

    Oh well, just stay up some more I guess. More Stellaris!

  11. Can't post in the thread you made. You mentioned everyone's followers are gone and you wanted people to sound off if they still had followers.

    Well, when I was re-adding people, I found that I am still following Nemo. So it's possible that moderators were immune to this in some way.

    1. CoffeeMom


      I don't understand why you can't post.  Mods were not immune though. My follows and followers were being wiped too.  If you have any issues posting anywhere else, let me know.  You're not the first person with this issue.

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