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  1. "....and then he....He....Umm....pulled out his sword ". The words filled the empty air of the room. "and then" sighing the teenager sat back with a creak in his chair, looking at the bright screen of his computer. The difficulty with writing a story is trying to find the spark. That little light that guides you to type out the story that you could clearly imagine in your mind but couldn't find the words to describe what was in the image, and like the screen infront of him his mind mind went blank again as he tried to decide on what words to use. The silence was broken by the sound of people shouting outside and he slid his chair back, peeking through the window and seeing several kids cycle by talking to each other about there lives. Stories. Every object, animal and plant had some sort of story, some more impressive than others but there was always a something. But that was real were forced into decisions like a character in a book. Yet making a is always difficult to make up experiences you have never had and impossible to create a characters personality, desires and feelings as a result of their past. He eventually got up from his chair, rubbing his eyes and looked at his watch, a soft grown escaping as he saw it was past midnight.... Again. He sniffed the air softly and stretching out his aching back which clicked and popped in response, before closing the curtains, glancing at the sprawling city out side his apartment window. Work was tomorrow, another day that would be wasted working at the little corner shop packing bags for customers and dealing with the constant complaints. But what else was one meant to do but, sigh, smile and carry on. At least he was trying to break the continuous cycle at least....if not a little unsuccessfully. For now it was time for bed, time to stop working at his tunnel to escape his dreary life and prepare for another day. He set off out of his apart, locking the door behind him as he headed down the winding stairs, the lifts still broken, finally reaching the ground floor after 15 flights, and headed out of the building. About 15 minutes later he walked into the Barilin

    1. Naomi


      Thankya! >A<

  3. Welcome to TR :-D

  5. happy birthday


  6. Hey where are ya?

    1. Bysector


      I'm on my way home, should be on in half an hour 

  7. Alright last night's dream


    I was trapped at a service station during a storm and when I went inside i was teleported to another dimension. It was a manor, and outside were frozen wastes

    I was soon chased by a werewolf and my mum appeared and we ran away from it. I went in a room and looked back to see the werewolf kill my mum, before it apologised for my loss, turning into a massive dragon and begging to fly away 

    In anger i climbed up to its head and stabbed a sword through its eye, killing it and somehow gaining it's powers, one of which allowed me to resurrect my mum


    I woke up :-P 

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    2. Bysector




      How did they taste 

    3. TieDyeDragon


      Not as weird as last nights dream I was in a nod descript school I did art that was wrong my best female friend had a huge bushy mustache. Then there was a bunch of windows that started breaking when a terrible hailstorm.

    4. Bysector


      Oh, sounds chaotic!!! 

  8. Ive decided, after having 5 dreams in a row (Not that common for me) to start posting my dreams and what hhappened. Anyone is welcome to post any of there recent dreams aswell 

    1. TieDyeDragon


      I drowned in jello last night

    2. Bysector


      no I'll save you!

      jumps in and is half submerged

    3. Chi-Chi


      Well this got off topic real quickly. xD

  9. No way your back!!!!!

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    2. Bysector


      I'm sorry to hear that :-( 

      Offers a hug

      I've been wanting to so how you were for a while but haven't found any other way of contacting you besides here 

    3. invisablewolfe90


      I'm doing okay, am on telegram if you have an account there

    4. Bysector


      I do, what's your name :-D 

  10. Meow, i can try and be earlier in places at the weekend
  11. I normally get a Saturday evening off :-)
  12. Awwww
  13. Woops sorry 4712
  14. Nuzzles Alright, got discord, I'm called Bysector :P