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  1. your turn on cap magic!

    1. Bysector


      Thanks for telling me :-)

  2. Bysector


    Uno: maybe avatar which is a good story Or one piece which is funny and just started Dos: I think gintama is an amazing anime. Its one of those massive animes which makes fun of other shows and things in life, aswell as itself Tres: either dbz but it was only 3 episodes at the time or ultimate muscle, an amazing anime which is like dbz but lowers the power from destroying galaxies to the strongest maybe taking out a building with his hands which is fun :-)
  3. Hi

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    2. Bysector


      Whats happened?

    3. TieDyeDragon


      A friend I live close to found some time which wewere gonna be able to hang out but he canncled third time in a row

    4. Bysector


      Oh, that's not fun I know love :-(

      Hugs you and rubs your back 

  4. Hey acbooster, its been ages :-)

    1. Bysector


      Hehe :-)

      Hey brae,,hope you are alright :-)

    2. braenuun


      I am.  Im finally catching up with work.  HERES TO NOT GETTING BEHIND LIKE THAT AGAIN.

    3. Bysector


      Hehe :-D


  6. happy birthday :D

  7. Bysector

    The Return of Darkness! (Say it like Bane, baby.)

    Srry I haven't been on, been busy trying to make and wright a story/book for once, its been fun but taken up alot of my time :-D I want to get kingdom come but its still pretty expensive unfortunately
  8. Bysector

    The Return of Darkness! (Say it like Bane, baby.)

    Okay :-P Anyway what do you think of come deliverance is it any better from what it once was :-P
  9. Bysector

    The Return of Darkness! (Say it like Bane, baby.)

    And whose to say I don't have over 600 but enhancments, 6 of which are specifically designed for blocking magical caps in the ring Face it your ponies have no power when faced with exact replicas in the mirrored world You see a regular villain may have simply let the goodies come to him, but I however have my own squeadron of assassins and spies at my disposal, easily sniffing out your own rats and exposing your plans. I was aware of her coming and it was all I needed for my dear friend tirek to have a lovely magical breakfast and make him stronger once more
  10. Bysector

    The Return of Darkness! (Say it like Bane, baby.)

    fool thats all i need i have been toiling for a way to enter this dimension and now that im here i can release my true plan...i regret you wont be able to hear it as a real villain never says their master plan ;). and did you honestly think that you could beat the shit out of me when all this time it was merely an illusion playing all of you hahha
  11. Bysector

    The Return of Darkness! (Say it like Bane, baby.)

    really NEW plan, corrupt starlight with evil such as nightmare moon and give her the alicorn necklace so she will technically be twice as strong as twilight and then use her as a weapon of war.....then bring the evil celestia and luna from another dimension to help ...yes yes its so evilllll!!!
  12. Bysector

    The Return of Darkness! (Say it like Bane, baby.)

    yes crazy is good. ill give her the alicorn necklace hehe
  13. Bysector

    The Return of Darkness! (Say it like Bane, baby.)

    damn....they stole my 'fire' power and my spies ill need to regroup...new plans are needed!!!
  14. Bysector

    The Return of Darkness! (Say it like Bane, baby.)

    this act nice until the very last minute :P everyone trusts nice people in equestria damn ponies always attacking the creatures in the woods id gather an army of beasts from the wilderness, dragons, bugbears, basilisks, changlings and others to aid in overthrowing the ponies and making a new world order....my reward being able to help this come true....and some female dragons ;)
  15. Bysector

    The Return of Darkness! (Say it like Bane, baby.)

    honsetly to take over equestria just act nice and polite and help the main six in a few months you will be going to a galla with the two princesses (excluding cadance as in her own kingdom and twilight :P) and ask them to come into a seperate room to talk about magic, slit their throats :P get twilight to come in and blame it on someone completely evil get you buddy chrysalis to take over with changlenings and a back up of some of the evil dragons promising the treasures in the capital to be their's i think i get to into make plans of mass murder some times :P