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About Me

Hey, my names Bysector, and I'm pretty new to the furry fandom (joined like 3 months ago).


Things you should know about me:

  • I accept an friend requests, because who doesn't want more friends
  • I play lot's of old games and some new ones, so message me if you want to play sometime
  • I do a lot of artwork, such as drawings and pixel art (If you want to see my work, search for my name on Furaffinity
  • I will accept most rp's, whether NSFW, fantasy, sci-fi, romantic, or any others
  • I'm not on all the time, so don't expect me to be on an rp for four hours straight
  • And I get pretty into a story when I do rp, so if you see my character be all gory in one rp, and a pervert in the next, don't assume that's what I'm like completely.

And that is as much as I can think of off the top of my head, so woo, you know a bit more about me.


Characters I have made:


Name: Beowolf

Species: Wolf

Age: 27 to 31

Appearance: 7ft tall with a chest of nearly 3ft. Has black fur over his entire body, and his fur is longer at the back of his head, which he braids. Very muscular, wears leather armour most of the time. Has emerald green eyes, with small red flecks.

Characteristics: Kind hearted, caring, considerate of others, but will finish arguments or fights with his fists, rather than with words.


Name Bysector (Main fursona)

Species:Arctic wolf

Age:16 to 22

Appearance: 5'11'' tall, with a moderately slim body. Has white fur over his entire body, except for his face, which has tinges of light blue, aswell as his tail and ear tips. Blue eyes, with flecks of green. Often wheres black jeans, a t shirt with an old video game logo and a dark blue hoodie.

Characteristics: jokey, sometimes childish, with often laugh in the face of danger, however, he is caring and will put himself out of his way to help someone he believes is deserving of his kindness. 


Name: Seth (Practically my first imaginary character and fursona)

Species: Lizard/raptor

Age: several thousand years

Appearance: 5'13'' with a slim build. Has darkish green scales over his body, with a lighter, creamer green on his under belly. Has spines running down his back, aswell as one on the end of his snout, and can also grow wings from his back. Often wears a plain dark brown robe, with the hood over.

Characteristics: Used to have him as quiet and stern, having lived through the same history many times, and knowing what would happen. Had a raspy voice when he spoke, and would try to stop people from making decisions which would harm them, without directly affecting history


Name: Tifa

Species: Wolf


Name: Todd

Species: Wolf

Age: 3 to 5

Appearance: A child of 2'6''. Has a cream coloured underbelly, with black fur, with faint green swirls. Has two small horns potruding from his forhead. Has a tail that ends in a light green fur

Characteristics: Childish, inquisitive. Generally gets confused and resorts to changing the subject or having his attention grabbed by something else