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  1. Well it's that time of year again.... Skeletons everywhere,  leaves changing colors. The Pumpkin Spice Crusades are starting soon.

    1. Arcanum


      That time of year when the birds change color and fall off the trees.

  2. And 48 hours no sleep. Yay.

    Kill me.


    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai


    2. Red


      *counter boops*

  4. Decided to dye my hair recently

    Adding some highlights soon



    1. Cloud Silva

      Cloud Silva

      You look like a weasel

    2. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      Lol thats the point ;)

  5. It is with much sadness that i say goodbye to TR as i move away to different things. Those that still wish to contact me may do so at


    SKYPE: w00zy_w00zle


    DISCORD: Eldritch_Blade#2463

  6. Hey TR, its your favorite Demon/Weasel back from the depths of hell to spread more merriment, jokes, pranks and more!

    1. Sweets


      Meow...Tis a woozle

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai


  7. why does being an adult living on your own have to be so difficult?



    1. Tombax


      YUP. It's a beach. Sorry man. I'm here if you need to talk. 

  8. heart murmurs galore for me. starting to get a little scared of them actually... theyve never been clustered like this before


    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      I was born with a systolic heart murmur and it's harmless apparently. 

    2. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      mine is an abnormal heart murmur... and my employer fired me because of it. now im stressed because of that, wich sets off my murmurs and that stresses me out  even more and its just a never ending cycle. im just tired now. of everything.

  9. so...  i should be messaging you instead of Leogan then...?

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    2. Greyfeathers
    3. Kit Silver

      Kit Silver

      I was very disinterested in playing but knowing how hard D&D is to set up and since i know Leo i wanna help. x3 i get more fun out of the idea of fixing problems than playing the game.

    4. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      -runs in circles being a n00b-

  10. -various groaning sounds- 

    i dont like being sick Q.Q

  11. i forgot what it is like to really live alone... no pets... god its boring and lonely as hell... T~T

  12. welp... im finally off... now to head to the bank and get some money orders done for rent and deposit and then find asleeping bag



  13. Finally got the apartment! took way too long for the payroll department to get back to the apartments for job verification...

    1. Stout


      Congrats!! I know how relieved I was when everything was solidified. 

    2. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      thanks rayna :)


  14. found several (about 7) spent bullets this morning... not the casings or the full thing... just the bullets... 3  9mil and 4 larger ones... probably .45c    fun place i live in 

    1. Stoneheart


      If its just the slugs, and they are not mushroomed and mutilated, they were never fired. Someone dropped them.

    2. Fyren Lokieidr

      Fyren Lokieidr

      What Stone said ,Eldricth.  If a bullet is fired ,teh slug gets really ugly lookin', real damn quick, due to teh air hitting it, pluuuus whatever it smacks into.  And, unless you live in the middle of the flattest part of the backside of beyond, a fired slug is BOUND to hit something.  You'd be more likely to find slugs that had been fired embedded IN something, rather than just lying on the ground.

    3. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      they were probably fired into the air somewhere in the neighbborhood. they were mushroomed pretty good. one of them (closer to my bus stop) looked like it had hit the sign and ricocheted off. 


  15. @[email protected] weasel got a $10 tip working fast food 


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    2. Kree'arra


      Tipping in fast food is like against the rules or some shit though. Unless you mean you work at a restaurant as a waiter, then that's still pretty small.

    3. GoroTheSaurian


      Very nice. May I ask what the order was?

    4. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      it was a bigmac meal... i work at McDonalds.... for now


  16. I... may have passed out today during work...

    Turns out it IS possable to work too hard...

  17. RAWR!!!

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    2. Greyfeathers
    3. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      **BAGPIPE SOUNDS!!!***

    4. Tombax


      Well then.

      I don't think anyone can top that.

      Well played sir, well played.

      * Gentle applause *

  18. really not feeling well and having to work 8-5 >~<

    1. Alcedo


      You must endure, my friend ^^

    2. Anon_Darking


      Hey, if it's any consolation, I've been getting my ass kicked by whatever bug I've got...and I've had to come into work for the past three days. Look at it this way; it sucks, but the managers will like you a little more because most would just say "screw it" and call in sick.


    3. Mr. Noodle
  19. Woo Hoo!

    got my job back and im on my way to getting an apartment!

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    2. Toxi Rose

      Toxi Rose

      O thats the best! goodluck with everything!

    3. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      -hugs both of them- thanks guys


    4. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      also i tripped... over a tortoise/turtle (didnt have time to check i was late for my first shift) and banged my knee into the concrete.... w00zel are clumsy

  20. well... Lithium no longer works for my depression.... this should be fun

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    2. braenuun


      how old are you and how long have you been on it?
    3. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      20 and ive been on it and everything else. lithium for 2 years
    4. braenuun
  21. Aaand jobless. Again

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    2. Tombax


      Silver is right -- it sucks, and it's so difficult when that happens... but it is your path to where you truly belong. Your ship will come in.
    3. Maluenda


      If they didn't have good reasoning.. maybe there is unemployment available until you find something else?
    4. Mr. Noodle

      Mr. Noodle

      no i have to be unemployed for 6 months or more for it to kick in. it doesnt help any that all anyone is willing to hire currently is part time.