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nickthewolfie last won the day on January 24 2016

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  1. nothin like some good old Queen, Journey, Bon Jovi, and Pink Floyd <3

  2. damn, haven't been on here in awhile ;-;


    nothing much has happened with me, for those curious

    though ik what car I'll be getting for my first, and I'm rly looking forward to graduating HS

    1. Stoneheart


      Oh? Whatcha getting?


    2. nickthewolfie


      I'm getting a 2016 Prius Two Eco, I prefer to have good fuel usage n shit. Plus this model looks nice imo

    3. nickthewolfie


      this'll be like, after college but yea

  3. well, got back from a family trip to see more fam in Georgia, it went alright I guess

    Christmas was pretty cool tbh, got myself 16gb of ram xwx almost got my rig done..

  4. So I got my glasses today, had my 1st appointment lol (my vision is 20/25) the ppl said it would be good for my health if I got it

    Plus I got the stuff tht helps with computers, UV, etc :3 

    >images for the glasses (keep your pants on guys)



    1. Tombax


      Daaaang, look at that handsome wolf. 


      Very nice!

    2. Mel the Blind Folf

      Mel the Blind Folf

      Amazing pics! Hoping the glasses work well~

    3. nickthewolfie


      oml thanks you two uwu the glasses are amazing lol 

  5. so uh, the monitor came in and everythin

    It's rly cool, got the stand on easily n all

    Just wished my pc was finished n everythin..

  6. Just got one of the two monitors I'll have for my pc setup uwu 

    I got the ASUS VS Series Black 23.6" 2ms LED Backlight Widescreen LCD nwn 

    The other one will be the exact same I think, idk

    (It was on sale for a bit, and was $109.00, from $200, so I had to get it..<3)

    1. Tombax


      I definitely want to know what you think of that one. ^w^

      Looking forward to a review!

    2. nickthewolfie


      It'll be a while heh, the whole pc has to be up to use it x3 unless I connect my xb1 to it.

      Which I dont plan on doing cx 

  7. these past two days have been hell on me mentally, and now have verified with myself that I have manic depression.

    Not sure if I should exactly let my therapist know, since this goes on and off (mood swings) 

    Also everyone at school is getting irritating again. Just like Freshman and Sophomore year..idk why though..

    Maybe because my gf has been offline for a while..that kinda happened during that time (but she just dropped off the face of the earth instead)

    [dont know why I'm saying this, but figured some of you out there care enough]

  8. Well I was able to keep the house in order while my parents were gone..

    Tbh it felt cool, living alone and taking care of the house.

    Got paid for all the chores when they got back, it's nice to have some cash on the side n stuff.

    Idk if you guys are or not about this "update" but yea, sorry for not posting that much on here..

    I still consider myself a n00b for using this site..lol

  9. guess who just bought their first part to their new pc, and into the pc master race? 

    This wolf 



    this is what I got ^ had the money and wasn't doing anything with it, so yea. Plus I want to get familiar with it before hand

  10. >everyone on the internet "omg you're so attractive/cute, how has nobody taken you yet??"

    >everybody irl *never glances in my direction, doesn't talk to me because I don't talk*

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. nickthewolfie


      mhm, funny enough I feel like if i went out of state I'd find someone...knowing my luck..

    3. Glaive


      You'd be surprised.

    4. nickthewolfie


      I'm sure, though it's rly hard to imagine it..

  11. So uh, this weather eh?

  12. >looks over profile

    >sees I have over 623 views

    me: "holy sex toys batman"

  13. >breaks up with gf a while back

    >looks at my pf info and sees status hasn't changed

    oh, whoops 

  14. So I looked back at kitty0706's youtube channel (Elliot) 

    Totally didnt tear up n cry. (Because he passed away last year, had leukemia 3 times and his body couldn't take it..)

    Really puts shit in perspective..

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. nickthewolfie


      mhm, more than happy to. Just can't wait till I can do it when I have a proper youtube channel up. And show others or whatever

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      I cried when I found out as well. I couldn't sleep. I just couldn't believe that someone with such a good heart and great humor was taken. My most favorite video probably had to be Mass Defect. I had no idea he made that when I first watched it, and to see he passed right after, as I was checking to see if he made any more videos... just tragic. I know.

    4. nickthewolfie


      same Kai, Mass Defect was so good..the whole week idea...like fuck (and when I watched I cried hard and ate 4 sandwiches out of sadness)

  15. So the storm that happened over my area, went alot better then expected

    Didn't lose power (alot of ppl did) and got little to nothing from the storm...#blessed

    Also the VR headset came in today, it's rly good, except my phone get super hot (not bad tbh, just not used to it)

    I need to mess with it more to get better with what I can do, like apps n shit tbh d:

    1. Tombax


      Very cool!!!

      Do keep us posted on the progress! 

      I'm happy the storm missed you!!!


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