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Alcedo last won the day on November 5 2018

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  1. Chaos you shall not bring. I win. In a last-ditch effort.
  2. I am in very high spirits again. Thank goodness the world is a better place than we think so.

    I love you all. You guys make my stay in life real cozy. It's good to be a furry.

    1. Tombax


      You do the same for us, Doc. 

    2. Hyliad


      Someone got laid BI

    3. Alcedo
  3. Those glasses you have are still awesome. Ozzy would be proud.

    1. Alexandra


      Thanks! I love anything with touches of gold. I also love Ozzy. He has the voice of angel as he descends into hell.

  4. I am my own worst enemy. Time to give my liver a bad time. <3

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      One day you'll regret that!

  5. Hoo I just noticed you got a very pretty piece of Blaze fanart on your page. I can definitely approve of that :D

    1. GogglesTigerkhan


      :D thank chu~  you should thank wereshoes on twitter, though.  they drew it for me.


      some of my friends ship Goggles with Blaze because their personalities actually balance each other.


      that, and that one scene in sonic 06 (you know the one)  caused emotional turmoil for months.

  6. I OPPOSE ALEXANDRA! It is not her time yet! :v
  7. When I made this joke, nobody cared. Now everybody else is making the joke. By all means! Rule the world! Geez x3
  8. Ahh. The fitting cover art. This one has intrinstic meaning too. ^^

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Alcedo


      Oh... never knew snowmew had feels :P :3

    3. Chinona


      only about cute freaking video game characters apparently.

    4. Chinona


      My friends rushed out and bought me kiwi's to devour to calm me down.  Best friends.

  9. Inside of myself. It tasted great btw.
  10. *cuddles Dav with his chistmas spirit-infused body*
  11. I have always been something of a hero, but I will never reach Putin levels of massive achievements. On an unrelated note, I am super cuddly today.
  12. Happy Birthday, Pizza queen :3

  13. And I just realized I left my phone at my workplace. Oh shit.

    well, rest in pizzaroni, me.

    1. Tombax


      Hopefully they're nice enough not to mess with it? Sorry!!

    2. Alcedo


      I deactivated my google settings via pc. I should be safe. If my phone does get stolen by the janitors, I can ask my service provider to disable the SIM.

      It's my favorite 5-year old Motorolay DEFY though! You cant get Motorola in my country!!! >:c

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