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  1. Happy Birthday! :dance:

    1. Findley-Foxx


      Haha, kinda belated on my part, but thanks Red! ^^

  2. Happy Birthday! :dance:

    1. Findley-Foxx


      Dawwww, thank you Red!~ \^w^/

  3. Aww your new profile pic is so cute :3

    1. Findley-Foxx


      Awww Thanks Bysector! ^w^

      I like your Festive pic, too!

    2. Bysector


      Heehee thanks :-) 

  4. Heyo Kiero, Happy 19th Birthday to you........ Roo! ^w^

  5. Granted.... =3 I wish I could jump as high as a Roo, or even higher perhaps :o
  6. FAX?! WHAT FAX?! STAIRFAX??? Granted, I cry ;n; I wish this nerd called Kiero would stop being so... so... Kangarood! (Don't kill meh :o)
  7. Granted, haha but then I'll be super glued to you, forcing you to rip your fur off to release me! I wish the Kiero nerd would give ME cuddles >:3
  8. Granted, but the artist (I suppose you :3) would draw them so white and visible that it matches with your Kiero's eye whites and makes him look like he doesn't have pupils. I wish my glasses would never fall off depite how they are placed on my muzzle :3
  9. Granted, you're blue.... dabadee dabadie... (sorry, had to) I wish my fur was all white.
  10. Granted... you poor thing :3 (Does that mean we technically body-swapped? :o) I wish I had rainbow hair.
  11. Granted, but the earth you stood on has zero gravity until you land, so...... I wish I was the fur that responds after this post.
  12. Granted, but........ (actually, no, I can't corrupt this, I'm sorry :c) I wish I could be a stronger fur.
  13. Granted, but everyone would come in a Kiero Roo-suit, so each person is indistinguishable from the next. I wish I could eat whenever I want, whatever I want, all day! ^3^
  14. Granted, but everyone who in involved in the snuggle are suddenly super-glued to each other for life. (though that could be a good thing haha) I wish I could have nine tails, being a fox!
  15. Granted, ALSO you, Kiero the Roo, are the leader of all of them, but all of the kangaroos would rebel against anything feet-related. I wish I had floofier fur :3
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