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  1. I could be like "hey my ass looks really good in this pic" and they'd be like "holy shit yeah" an that'd be it lol

  2. @Silus_Wolfus what why? xD

  3. Im bad at talking to most people because I feel like I annoy them ahahahha

  4. got stream to work https://t.co/SLs95a2Qtm

  5. My butt has been bigger than both my ex girlfriends' so I think I have a pretty good butt

  6. @MazzleRazz @pupbellz i lov

  7. hi I'm Glam and I live 15 minutes from the beach and havent been in like 6 years :)

  8. @MkGrinngo that and hongry yeah

  9. i just want a girl to kiss my ears tbh

  10. RT @Skyemachine: https://t.co/UGKrB1fLKJ

  11. hey any cute girls that live up north wanna let me come visit for christmas so I can see snow

  12. @GhostSkunk i wish i had 900 cute followies

  13. WHO GAVE THIS MANS A TWITCH ACCOUNT https://t.co/dlyl0kyh3X