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  1. Xbox One peeps!

    what kind of games do you play mostly?
  2. *whispers* you have been followed!

  3. Back from the dead, basically...

    ah i see I see. well, perhaps we can figure out all the changes, eh fyren?
  4. Back from the dead, basically...

    ...and so fucking confused. What are the dot ranking things? What happened to the chatbox? Who's even still here that I knew, if anyone?
  5. Who am I?

    oh look, someone I recognize from the last time I was here...ages ago. Wonder if you recognize me?
  6. didnt there used to be a chatbox?

    1. braenuun


      we are still looking at reintegrating it into the site after an update bugged the chat!

      come visit us in our discord thread.  The madness still persists ;3 


  7. wow. tis all shiny and new.

  8. i now have a computer, so i can actually get online more often again. whoo

  9. i finally have a skype now.

  10. i has a Seal of Orichalchos~

  11. i dont like being single. it feels wierd. i'm not used to it.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zefir Feruga

      Zefir Feruga

      maybe to you. i dont like it, personally.

    3. Spooky


      Yes, a great many people don't like it.

    4. Zefir Feruga

      Zefir Feruga

      i'm also not used to it.

  12. why the fuck do i even bother. i mean really. =_=

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    2. Spooky


      That sounds uncomfortable.

    3. Queen Cereal

      Queen Cereal

      Whoa, whoa, whoa. Cursing goes in the swear jar. D8<

    4. Phausic


      The swear jar needs more nifty stickers WHY DOESN'T IT HAVE MORE NIFTY STICKERS

  13. why the fuck d oi even bother. i mean really. =-=