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  1. crash

    Hangouts and friends

    I'm pretty sure they do either way I wanna go see it
  2. crash

    Hangouts and friends

    I thought they had their own property with a mock up trailer park on it though?
  3. ive done a lot of acid but ive never been in an arcade on acid?
  4. crash

    Hangouts and friends

    hey have you ever been to the trailer park boys set if your in nova scotia?
  5. crash

    Hangouts and friends

    I'm way on the other side Canada on the westcoast of bc......just sayin
  6. in serious need of more materials for my diy projects and cuddles like RIGHT MEOW


    1. Red


      Everyone needs more cuddles.

    2. crash


      i never gets cuddles:unsure:

  7. crash

    Gif Your Mood!!!

  8. id say happy snep day but in reality every day is snep day so HAPPY SNEP DAY EVERYDAY!

  9. fuck thai new year its SNEP NEWYEAR BITCHEZZZZZZZ:Etain:

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    2. crash


      that's what I'm here for theres no tigers well except at the tiger kingdom where they keep em all drugged up so people can pet them but that doesn't really count in my opinon

    3. Red


      Those are some coooool tigers.

    4. crash


      sneps are better


  10. WOOOOOOO NEW TRAILER PARK BOYSSSSSSSSSSSS:Etain::Etain::Etain::Etain::Etain::Etain:

  11. crash

    Nerdy stuff

    morrowind, skyrim........anything gundam wing or gundam00........armitageth the third aka dual matrix
  12. the moment when your talking with your friend about the totalay hot guy you has a crush on and realise hes standing behind you.......AWKWARD *facepalm*

  13. crash

    You Know What Really Grinds My Gears?

    being in rehab
  14. another great game night at the cabin unfortunately the support guys will probly  never let me host it again or go near one of their computers again 


    all in all I fuckin love the "the game of things" and some of the shit I seem to get away with:laugh::laugh::laugh: