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crash last won the day on February 17

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  1. just gonna get the jump on @ red HAPPY EARLY SNEP DAY

    1. Red



    2. CoffeeMom
  2. when your ex who moved across the country calls and tears a strip out of you for shit postingūüėā

  3. got branded bambi on the new boat im on,..for fuck sake thats 2 boats now, at least its not fuck balls likd we call the greenhorn

    1. Bysector


      Why are you called Bambi?

  4. i like to stis the facebook shit pot but today i didnt just stir it i dropped that bitch on the ground

  5. so i get a shiney new job on a new fishing boat and my first thought is fuck ya new boat new start..........then i get nicknamed bambi, FUCKIN BAMBI like seriously wtf is this shit? 

    1. CoffeeMom


      That's.... incredibly odd.

    2. Red


      That's adorable, Little Prince!~

  6. Red

    Happy Birthday! :dance:

    1. crash


      thanks eh lamest birthday ever, and the firwst one i spent sobre in like 15 years

    2. Red


      Well, at least you had one, yes?

    3. crash


      i guess? i mean its kinda hard to party when your sick  

  7. fuck me i hate life 

    wrecked the transmission on my dads fishing boat, had to get the ccg to tow us to town guess thats the end of our fishing season maybe an early retirment for my dad and a week long to a possible month to fix the dam thing 


    arent i just the fuckin greatest....

    1. Red


      Aw, I hope things work out!

    2. Stoneheart
    3. crash


      oh ya that was an expensive mistake and now werf renting a boat plus i have to help with the rebuild and ripping the cocksuckfr out cause we got to pull it out through the fish hold

  8. that feeling when your about to start givin er then trip over a tree root and break your foot only to go to the hospital and have the doctor tell you that if i had a chance to giver for a few hours when i tripped my foot probly wouldnt have broken


    snep problems..........

    1. Red


      Sound like you had quite and eventful trip.

  9. fuck ya drunk carnival night

  10. as of this morning sea otters are on m,y shit list along with sea lions

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. crash


      its a love hate relationship

    3. Red
    4. crash


      id say more along hte lines of volitile it goes fits my relationship track recorf better


  11. crash

    you suck red

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. crash


      this would be fun if we ever met in person *

    3. Red
    4. crash


      fuck yea bud  

  12. band boats...........never again.......fuck sakes

    1. Red
    2. crash


      oh fuck ya, i will never run a boat owned by the indian band ever again what a haywire mickey mouse shit show


  13. Red

    Happy Birthday!~ :dance:And what day to be born on, yes!?

    1. crash


      Thabks  eh


      I guess? Lol

  14. I swear if we dont go home today im getting drunk again

    1. Red


      Getting drunk works anywhere you do it!

    2. crash


      But i wanna go home its been like 2 months

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