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  1. Stoneheart's Mustang project.

    doing a recap i just realised you had a 6cyl but that is some stupidly low mileage. so whats next on the list of things or adventures or...? i is curious
  2. What brought you to be furry?

    im not really sure of hte factors or whatever that could attribute/any factors that lead to it but once i kind of learned what beinng furry was or whatever it just felt right and made senese somehow and seemed to anwser alot of questions i guess? the only example ican think of is fursona wise: furry crash is a mirror image of human crash @Ryokenohki tail envy is totaly fuckin real
  3. that feeling you get when you when is confirmed your a legit og level and probly if not the youngest remaiing in that level of  coast longobarding in bc nd probly the youngest and its the main reasons you get away with being such an asshole.......B)

  4. Stupid stupid stupid totally regretting this  night and possibly ready to admit I'm getting a bit old for this kind of partying irresponsibility and chaos.........





  5. Certainly not gonna miss fishing on the ocean aggressor....miserable ass motherfuckers. Now the question is do I go fish herring on a bowpicker or keep being a badass longliner and fish halibut on the titan?

  6. Post your favorite Christmas music, NAO!

    The vandals Christmas album called oi to the world
  7. Anyone else Classic Cars?

    CI appreciate it a d although dealing with re registry to. Ca Nada and potentially flying wherever to drive it back the couple adds you already showed me are are in far better shape and reasonably prices than anything ivge found here in the great white north
  8. Anyone else Classic Cars?

    It is what it is I'll find another one at some point
  9. Anyone else Classic Cars?

    I had a 74 duster but it i had to junk it it was so rotten I'm pretty sure the dirt in my yard had more strength than the rotten ass streel on it
  10. IRL Photos n' Shit

    The scummfuck beside .e is my ex...could nt figure out how to cut them out of the pic.....
  11. That feeling when. The skipper finds put your sexuality then just says "huh, toughest faggot I ever met..." Then walks away. Don't you Fuckin forget it skip! .....fuckin asshole...



    1. crash


      What a way to start the season 

  12. feel like a trash panda thir mornin

    1. Ryokenohki


      Hey my girlfriend is a trash panda >:O

  13. Poly Furs?

    right here
  14. WOOO!!!! Time for an unhealthy dose of self destructive chaos, bad decisions and hopefully some ruthless regret! I knew there was still some good in birthdays rather than just a reminder that ur slowly getting old........aaaaaaaaaaaaaand commence drinking

  15. ¡!¡!HAPPY BIRTHDAY¡!¡!

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    2. crash


      Thanks guys!  Now who's gonna now who's gonna help me squander the day with liquor drugs an bad deciaions

    3. Salvatoriago


      Lol I have half a bottle of vodquila, nyquil,  and a bottle of beer(?) I bought because it has a fox on it from like 2 months ago... Let's do this!

    4. HeartlessSora