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  1. I swear if we dont go home today im getting drunk again

    1. Red


      Getting drunk works anywhere you do it!

    2. crash


      But i wanna go home its been like 2 months

  2. Whisky 1 crash 0

  3. in serious need of more materials for my diy projects and cuddles like RIGHT MEOW


    1. Red


      Everyone needs more cuddles.

    2. crash


      i never gets cuddles:unsure:

  4. id say happy snep day but in reality every day is snep day so HAPPY SNEP DAY EVERYDAY!

  5. fuck thai new year its SNEP NEWYEAR BITCHEZZZZZZZ:Etain:

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    2. crash


      that's what I'm here for theres no tigers well except at the tiger kingdom where they keep em all drugged up so people can pet them but that doesn't really count in my opinon

    3. Red


      Those are some coooool tigers.

    4. crash


      sneps are better


  6. WOOOOOOO NEW TRAILER PARK BOYSSSSSSSSSSSS:Etain::Etain::Etain::Etain::Etain::Etain:

  7. the moment when your talking with your friend about the totalay hot guy you has a crush on and realise hes standing behind you.......AWKWARD *facepalm*

  8. another great game night at the cabin unfortunately the support guys will probly  never let me host it again or go near one of their computers again 


    all in all I fuckin love the "the game of things" and some of the shit I seem to get away with:laugh::laugh::laugh:

  9. goodnight Thailand and your smoggy air.....see you tomorrow

    goddam slashburn season definatly could have picked a better time to come here:Etain:

  10. my sum up of hot topic (upon hearing it made its way to Canada). I'm just gonna use my hank hill voice for this: "I sell punk rock and punk rock accessories". this is a sad day for me....

  11. so I heard my voice when it echoed on the other line during a skype call this morning I rellly fucked up my voice from smoking and partying......maybe its like time to quit and stuff I sound horrible

  12. ok serious question: has anyone here been to rehab and if so what are you experiences?

  13. that feeling you get when its st pattys day and all your friends are out partying and your stuck in rehab........

  14. if life were a game id be playing rehab hero...HA!

  15. what does the snep say? owie im hungover.......bleh

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Goddamn it crash, so I have to be the sober friend that watches your ass so you don’t hurt yourself? XD 

    2. crash


      pretty much ya......the last 18 hours has been pure shenanigans were supposed to be fishing but its not opened yet so were just doin shenanigans


      ps this is what you get to deal with if i make it to vf :Etain:

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Making sure you don’t get hurt, but at least have fun. Got it! :P 

  16. NANAIMO IM INSIDE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      I’ve seen enough hentai to know where this is going. WUT

    2. crash


      wait what? i am literely inside nanaimo........SHENANIGANS!

  17. been thinkin ggabout my life lately and not really sure what to say about it but im either on the boat or living by the short hairs on the end of your tail.......its something ive always done and the only thing i really know. at 27 i feel like a savagely premature old snep alredy and im not even 30.....nor do i feel compelled to change my ways. the fact im still alive right now is complete miracle that i have yet to suss out especially for the asshole factor i have,but .....meh...?  i couldsay something positive like live your life to the fullest but in reality that is just not the case cause you really have to pull though the shit and lies and bullshit that life is, but again thats just life.....life can suck my cock and tounge my hole and fuck you and the beast you rode in on?


    havea good night or morning or day or whatever time it is where your at, 

  18. when your band name is deed 6 and ur hit song is painfully average:Etain:

    1. Red


      *totality knows the feels*

  19. that feeling you get when you when is confirmed your a legit og level and probly if not the youngest remaiing in that level of  coast longobarding in bc nd probly the youngest and its the main reasons you get away with being such an asshole.......B)

  20. Stupid stupid stupid totally regretting this  night and possibly ready to admit I'm getting a bit old for this kind of partying irresponsibility and chaos.........





  21. Certainly not gonna miss fishing on the ocean aggressor....miserable ass motherfuckers. Now the question is do I go fish herring on a bowpicker or keep being a badass longliner and fish halibut on the titan?

  22. That feeling when. The skipper finds put your sexuality then just says "huh, toughest faggot I ever met..." Then walks away. Don't you Fuckin forget it skip! .....fuckin asshole...



    1. crash


      What a way to start the season 

  23. feel like a trash panda thir mornin

    1. Ryokenohki


      Hey my girlfriend is a trash panda >:O

  24. WOOO!!!! Time for an unhealthy dose of self destructive chaos, bad decisions and hopefully some ruthless regret! I knew there was still some good in birthdays rather than just a reminder that ur slowly getting old........aaaaaaaaaaaaaand commence drinking

  25. Time for an anxiety trip, oh hello vancouver

    1. Salvatoriago
    2. Samurai Kai
    3. crash


      Sorry I was on a mission. Daytrip with a borrowed vechixle