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  1. I am thinking about trying to get back to RPing, like real RP, not the situation stupidity RP I generally do. I think I have forgotten how to start again though.

    1. braenuun


      I WILL ACCEPT YOU except im fuckin loaded on RPs.  i would love to play with my speef.

  2. Hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! 

  3. I need critiscim! What do I need, or feel I need to improve myself upon?

    1. braenuun


      that's all you!


    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      You should like totally stop being so hard on yourself and find the things that you like about yourself, qualities 

    3. Spid


      These are both good things I need to work on. I mean I DONT KNOW BRAE THAT SOUNDS HARD.  I suppose being hard on myself makes me lose motivation, I will fix that, thanks Kai!

  4. That bright orange monkey guy

    Welcome, welcome! Hopefully you enjoy your stay here with us and our family!
  5. Hello World

    Welcome to our wonderful family! Hope you enjoy your stay here!
  6. Is it just me, or is all the text in these posts a dark grey that nobody can see? Is there a way to fix it?

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    2. Naomi


      The light version is FINE! You weirdos need to get out in the sun more! ~(•̀A•́ )

      Jeez ( •̀ω•́)

          .... ( •̀ω•́)

      Who's the real bat around here? (•̀ω•́ )

      Gosh ( •̀ω•́)

    3. Ryokenohki


      I choose the light version...
      ...and then I use my browser invert colors feature


    4. Spid


      Thanks everyone!

  7. Hello from the underground

    Don't worry about Brae, he doesnt bite too hard. Welcome to the TR family, hopefully you'll enjoy your stay! Also your character looks amazing!
  8. An Eagle Joins The Fray!

    Welcome freedom bird! And welcome to our wonderful little family here on TR!
  9. Buenos nachos!

    It appears I am late! Welcome to our TR family, hopefully you'll enjoy your stay!
  10. Hey all!

    First off, let me thank you for your service. Second, welcome to the TR family, I hope you enjoy your stay here!
  11. Hello

    Welcome to TR! Hope you enjoy your stay here, and welcome to our big TR family!
  12. *A hyena rolls in*

    Oh no I'm late, welcome to the TR family, hope you have an enjoyable stay!
  13. Whats your story?

    Everyone has got a story, what's yours? This one is for your characters, please play nice with others. If you feel you want to share your real life story to share, I will create a topic in rant/rave for you. Feel free to share your story!
  14. I think I finally understand when people say "college isn't for everyone", after all the financial aid issues I had. I am at the point I have to take a few semesters off to get a full time job so I can afford it again.

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      That sounds sooo annoying x.x sorry you have to go through that.

    2. Spid


      As annoying as it is. I am a bit glad, a break from schooling is nice, now I hope I don't get so comfortable that I lose to drive to go back. 

  15. I finished the interview and got the job!

    1. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      Good to hear! Jobs are important things.

    2. Rune