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  1. Updated my profile and slowly working on trying to be more active.

  2. And once again, I was gone for a very long time... *starting to wonder if she should just leave/become inactive for good*

  3. I feel like lately a lot of people (both off and online) have been telling me I'm a good person with a good/bright future ahead of me, and... Idk why... BUT ANYWAYS *spreading the love*

    Y'all are good people with bright futures ahead of you! =3

  4. I may have a favorite animal: raccoons! (Why do I like nocturnal animals so much?)


    So now I'm going to make the fusion character and a raccoon OC! =D

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    2. Naomi



    3. Pixie Pup

      Pixie Pup


    4. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Raccoons are adorbs! I saw a family, a mother and her four cubs walking down my road. They lived in a ditch D: 

  5. That moment when you're slowly getting back into writing, and want to start rping again... But have no idea what to rp! (And are even tempted to scrap/re-make characters to try and help with it!)

  6. So, I didn't realize how long I've been gone/how busy I've been until just now?

    We (my mom and I) went to visit family in another state, plus I've had to help her unpack her classroom for the summer AND pack for a mission trip (she just left Monday), on top of applying for jobs...

    So, hopefully I can finally try and be active again! Maybe? *crosses fingers hopefully*

  7. Got home last week, and is (mostly) done unpacking stuff! Now applying for jobs! =3

    Which is why I was gone for so long.


    Anyways! Glad to be back home, and will be more active here soon!

  8. Congrats to the seniors who graduated today!

    *gets to leave college in a few hours and is excited*

  9. Thanks to my work, murder is officially a mood

  10. Lost: Filter from thoughts to mouth

    If found, please contact Pixie Pup


    Until then, be wary of any sewage/extra random crap the pupper says. Apologies in advance!

  11. *just realized her back up seizure med (that she's been taking for over a week now) expired last year*



    1. Fyren Lokieidr

      Fyren Lokieidr

      O.o  Well, damn, that's not good!

    2. Pixie Pup

      Pixie Pup

      Yeah, I realized that! >.<' But I can't fix it til at least Wednesday (when I go home) because last time I tried to go to the pharmacy here I ended up messing up and having them charge my mom's account twice (by the time we realized it, it was too late to fix it), so I don't trust myself to go *apparently can not adult without an adult*.

      Add that my mom is only able to afford the car she's renting to pick me up in (her car is too small for all my stuff) because someone offered to pay it for her, plus she's in so much debt from paying off college for me (and then I fail it)... Let's just say I'm not bringing this up to her! *probably gonna go with my aunt sometime when I get back*


      Til then, I apologise for and sewage I spew!

  12. I wish there was a way to get the emotion in my voice from when I talk, and combine it with the thought-out wording of when I write... That would help a lot of my life conversations.

  13. *continues to call self she/her even when feeling masculine because habit I guess?* (Plus nobody here would accept/call me anything else SO that just makes it easier I guess?)

    1. Fyren Lokieidr

      Fyren Lokieidr

      I would call you he/him, if you let me know when to do so!  

    2. Pixie Pup

      Pixie Pup

      Thank you! (Sorry, by "here" I meant the college, not TR! *Just realized the wording on that*)

    3. Fyren Lokieidr

      Fyren Lokieidr

      Ah, gotcha!  XD  Understood.  

  14. *officially starting to believe she's better at written conversations than verbal (especially face-to-face) conversations*

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    2. braenuun


      if you're like me, your writing is often as sloppy as your speaking the first time about.  if you're also like me, you'll slap that enter button before you think about fixing spelling incongruences

    3. Rune


      I find that i'm quite a bit more...eloquent with my typing than i am with speaking. Speaking is just...derp af for me

    4. Pixie Pup

      Pixie Pup

      Yes to all of the above.

      Even with my writing, a lot of the time it's button mashing and such, but it seems to make more sense to people and me talking?? Plus, you know, the whole "I can edit this before I send it if I need to, but can't do that with words as I'm talking" thing. (And maybe the fact that with speaking you have to answer RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY, but with writing you can get away with not answering until the next day, and word vomit... Both of which I do a lot... Like now, for example-)

  15. *quickly updates Pixie's info on the character list*

    1. Naomi


      ........is it bad that this entire time, I thought your name was "Pixel Pup"?

      Gotta play less Starbound -A-

    2. Pixie Pup

      Pixie Pup

      XD Naomi you so silly! =p