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  1. W-Rooshing


    Dang! I need to join then! Maybe after my date! :P
  2. W-Rooshing


    Thanks! *whispers* We have a Discord?
  3. W-Rooshing


    Hey guys! I've been inactive for... A really long time (maybe a year?) And obviously during that time a lot has changed! I'm hoping to be active again now tho, so this as a way for me to both say "I'M BACK" and I guess tell about myself/what's changed at once! (Basically kill two birds with one stone) So! =3 A lot of people here call my Myth! That was my original username, and I'm fine with being called that, as well as Pixie, and now - once my username changes - Wroo (the W is optional, pronounced "Roo")! Although, honestly, I'll respond to basically anything as long as I know it's not an insult! I'm autistc, with my special interest being in animals... That's probably a big reason I'm a furry, although I didn't realize I was one until the guy I've been dating for four years now (I believe he joined last night as TazMetalDevil? ...I HOPE THAT'S HIM AT LEAST) explained the fandom to me: I just thought being a furry meant you had a animal character represent you online, and had no idea how much more to the fandom there was!! (I especially love the characters and fursuits!) However, I have been known to change my fursona A LOT! ...Probably because of how much I love/know about animals, and me being kind of a perfectionist... My current fursona is a Dino Dog! I'm still working on her name and colors, but will update art and whatnot when I figure it all out! I draw and write stories for fun (I probably won't do requests, just out of fear that "oh no I messed this up, they'll hate me": even if I know it's not true. Surprise gifts may happen, but are probably unlikely. Sorry!) I also rp, but haven't done that in a while, so my skills are probably rusty (between that and work, I may be slow replying), so apologies in advance!
  4. W-Rooshing

    Hello world and all who inhabit it!!! :D

    *pokes* Welcome to TR! :3
  5. Guess who's back! (Still trying to hopefully clean out my old stuff, and then at some point soon will post a new intro!)


    I missed you guys!

    1. Bysector


      Missed you too :-D

    2. Bysector


      Happy birthday for February by the way!! :-)

    3. W-Rooshing


      Thanks By! :P

  6. Anyone know if it's possible to "restart" your account? (Like, can old content be deleted, etc?). Ready for a fresh start, but making a new account isn't allowed...


    (Once I find out, I'll post a new intro post to make my restart official, either way)

  7. Updated my profile and slowly working on trying to be more active.

  8. And once again, I was gone for a very long time... *starting to wonder if she should just leave/become inactive for good*

  9. I feel like lately a lot of people (both off and online) have been telling me I'm a good person with a good/bright future ahead of me, and... Idk why... BUT ANYWAYS *spreading the love*

    Y'all are good people with bright futures ahead of you! =3

  10. I may have a favorite animal: raccoons! (Why do I like nocturnal animals so much?)


    So now I'm going to make the fusion character and a raccoon OC! =D

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    2. Naomi



    3. W-Rooshing



    4. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Raccoons are adorbs! I saw a family, a mother and her four cubs walking down my road. They lived in a ditch D: 

  11. That moment when you're slowly getting back into writing, and want to start rping again... But have no idea what to rp! (And are even tempted to scrap/re-make characters to try and help with it!)

  12. So, I didn't realize how long I've been gone/how busy I've been until just now?

    We (my mom and I) went to visit family in another state, plus I've had to help her unpack her classroom for the summer AND pack for a mission trip (she just left Monday), on top of applying for jobs...

    So, hopefully I can finally try and be active again! Maybe? *crosses fingers hopefully*

  13. Got home last week, and is (mostly) done unpacking stuff! Now applying for jobs! =3

    Which is why I was gone for so long.


    Anyways! Glad to be back home, and will be more active here soon!

  14. Congrats to the seniors who graduated today!

    *gets to leave college in a few hours and is excited*

  15. Thanks to my work, murder is officially a mood