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  1. On first glance, o though you avatar picture was a buff pickle...

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    2. AnookWulfie


      I think I need to find someone to draw this new found "fan art" of me being a buff pickle. XP

    3. Rune


      Then you can pose with @Shamha and his buff potato

    4. AnookWulfie
  2. Looking for some creative furriends to help me build a detailed backstory and bio for my sona. Any takers?

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    2. AnookWulfie


      To Red: Just kinda brainstorming and getting ideas out. I have quite a bit of it already started just kinda having fun and passing time. If you are interested I wouldn't mind the help on some creative details that could use a third party idea set.

      To Stoneheart: if you are referring to the piece that Etain did for me then you should already know that I had a quote from her that it would be around 15 dollars for the piece. She took over twice as long as I was told it would take and told me it was now 35 dollars. As I do still want to get the piece and still do plan on paying. I have much more pressing matters in real life that require my money. She and I had agreed that I will actually pay her when I finally get some spare money but considering the price more than doubled it has been tough getting that much together. So I would kindly like it if you would not start drama on my page on subjects you know little about. Thanks! ^w^

    3. Stoneheart


      And i would appreciate you not speaking so condescendingly, assuming i did not already know that... I'm only stating that it has been a very long time. And that should be a known fact up fron for anyone expecting payment.


      Not trying to step on toes, just trying to protect both you and potencial clientel from the sane circumstances.

    4. AnookWulfie


      Considering you came onto my page on my post and wrote a single statement that everyone can see calling me out as someone who takes art without payment causing my name to be questioned as a customer for future artists then giving me a negative rep on my reply it just goes to say that your main reason was to cause trouble or call me out. IF you did not know the details then you should not have commented. You should not have started anything. For yours and anybody's information. I offered to advertise for her as well posting her piece on all sites I frequent and posting links to her pages she wanted linked and everything. Instead of smearing her name for a few problems I did have with her work I just waited and let her do her thing. So now she has to wait for payment because my original budget is gone for what I was trying to get. So please stop commenting on my page and have a nice day.

  3. Powering through anything life throws at me! It gets rough at times but I get it done and so far things are looking up. Hoping shit gets straightened out soon though lol. OH Btw work load is nearly doubling from 3 days a week at 6 am to 5 days a week at 4 am. So for anyone who wants to talk to me just drop messages and I will reply as soon as I can. If you want my number or other contact info just ask. It is easier getting to me that way. Haha

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Glad to hear it!

    2. AnookWulfie


      A lot can apparently happen in only three days...I wish this post still held true

  4. Hey everyone. Haven't been on in quite a bit other than to just look and see if I had any messages... Been a hell of a month.

  5. Hey. Are you THE Sam Skydragon that I know from way back when? XP

    1. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      Yes I am hows it going anook? Long time no see

    2. AnookWulfie


      Shew! It is going....not smoothly but still going. All sorts of hell happened with my family. Basically the remaining blood relatives is a couple aunts who live quite a bit away. Moved from my home to my own apartment with my GF. Working two hard labor jobs and still barely surviving. lol. so so so much has happened lol it is GREAT to see you again though. we should talk someday when we get the chance. *hugs the dragon friend from long ago*


    3. sam skydragon

      sam skydragon

      I agree *hugs back* :)

  6. Can I have some type of mod, admin, or person of authority message me please? I need to figure something out and ease my suspicions. Thanks!


  7. For those of you who talk to me regularly you already know this but I have been extremely sick and stuck in bed for the past several days unable to breath, move, or eat properly. I am feeling slightly better today. Enough so that I will try and go to work. Thanks for the few who kept in contact with me and made my time go by a bit faster.

  8. The drive to obtain more art has increased dramatically. I want...I NEED new art to fuel my obsession of creativity and evolution of my character, but I don't think anybody is willing to take me up on my offers. I had one who said they would try but I want aaaaarts!!!

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    2. AnookWulfie
    3. Stout


      I'm a Forum Mod there so if you need help, PM me there or here and I'll let you know!! 

    4. AnookWulfie


      Okay from the looks of it so far I may have difficulty navigating it XP


  9. Any artistic friends online willing to help me out with something? I do not have the money to spend and already owe one friend first as soon as I get the cash but I would like to let someone's creativity flow and help me produce something I hope would be fun. I will post the finished product all over every site I am on with full credit and links to the artist and if it is good enough I will even print it out on a poster printer and hang it in my apartment for all to see. Any takers?

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    2. Kree'arra


      Ah fuck it I need some practice.

    3. AnookWulfie


      Alright. What would be easier meeting in chat or just private messaging on here or what?


    4. Kree'arra


      PM works better since I'm AFK often

  10. Harruff... So tired from work...bleh

  11. Does anyone know if this site has a "block user" feature?

  12. That annoying moment you see an old friend and want to say hi but you know you shouldn't

    1. Bysector
    2. AnookWulfie


      Because it is difficult keeping a closeted furry as a friend when their mate despises us and found out that I got my ears skritched by her so he flipped lid and she was all like sorry dude bye....I am use to it because males are dumb that way no offensebut it just sucks we cant be friends at all now.

  13. Needing to talk with someone anyway. Who down?

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    2. Bysector


      What do you mean 

    3. Tombax


      Awh! I missed the chat!


      I hope you are well buddy!

    4. AnookWulfie


      Haha Socket you are all good!