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  1. Got my tattoo last night. 3 hour session. Lots of soreness, but I couldn't be happier! I've had this designed since February. 


    1. Red



  2. I was finally able to sleep last night. Still hurting a bit, but I'm feeling more positive and everything is definitely in a better place than it was a week ago. Gotta keep moving forward.

    1. Etain


      I send you lots of loves.  Always here to talk if you need. ~<3

  3. Only a little over a week ago, my family was informed that our cat, Missy, had three large masses in her intestinal tract. After weeks of losing weight and concern, we had the answer that she might not be with us much longer. Today, she let us know that it was time. And she gave her final goodbye.

    Missy found her way into our lives through the first rescue I volunteered with. A friend of mine told me to come check her out and after hours of persistence, I convinced my mother to come meet her. Within 15 minutes, my mother fell in love and adopted her. Without getting into much detail, my mom was suffering deeply with depression. We both had lost a lot in 2012, but this cat brought a new joy into our lives. In many ways, she saved my mother. And she brought me comfort whenever she knew I needed it. And as our family grew, she continued to share her sass with others.

    Missy was a spunky, special, even gentle orange "cheeto" that has been taken far too early. Five years isn't enough to love and say goodbye, but I guess it is always too early. No matter how many years..

    My mom's vet came to the house after hours. She fell asleep on her favorite bed surrounded by loved ones.

    Rest easy, sweet girl. And thank you for all you did for us.

  4. I’m not doing very well today. I’m so mentally tired and scared that I can’t fix this. 

    1. Etain


      D: You can do it!  I believe in you!

  5. I drank too early and now I have a massive headache. Oh, well.

    1. braenuun


      that tends to be what happens lol

  6. Pretty stoked. I was talking to my friend/coworker about weird hobbies and I told her "Don't worry. I'm pretty weird to;" alluding to my Furry fandomness and she was intrigued. I decided to be honest about it and she then became super excited to share with me some of her favorite anime/neko/furry characters. I guess that means I have been accepted. It's nice to have another close friend that I can be completely myself with. I even told her that I'm going to Megaplex and am happy to be open about how it goes.

    1. Red


      Friend AND coworker!?

    2. Ragana


      YEAH. Hence my extreme excitement. Haha

    3. Red


      So people have all the luck.

  7. It's a beautiful night; thunderstorms and heavy rain. Perfect for a cup of tea and a book.

    1. Red


      Love it!

    2. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      Boomers are the best! Just has a string roll through here.

  8. Ragana

    Root Canals?

    Yeah, I'm not being put under for this one. Just numbed up a lot. Thank you for these responses! They do help quite a bit.
  9. Ragana

    Root Canals?

    Probably a weird topic, but I had an emergency this past weekend and found out I have a severe infection from an abscess in my front tooth. Good times! I'm currently waiting for my procedure this Friday. I've never had a root canal before and it's honestly quite terrifying as I have been traumatized by the dentist in my youth (jaw surgery, all baby teeth extracted, four molars surgically removed, laser therapy, and braces for eight years). SO, tell me about your root canal experience. The good, the bad, and the ugly. I want to mentally prepare myself for this terror or relief. lol A lot of those I have talked to already said the procedure itself was fairly painless.
  10. In good news, my root canal is scheduled for Friday and the infection from the abscess is dying down as of this morning. I'm not nearly as swollen or sore. I also scheduled the appointment the following week for my crown. 

    Total for this is just about $1,200, even with insurance. I'm going to cry now.

    1. Red


      The pain never ends.

  11. Woke up with a swollen face and severe tooth pain. After a trip to the emergency dentist, I have been informed that the front tooth I busted as a kid ten years ago has finally died. I have a large abscess above the tooth and need a root canal. Luckily, I’m on pain meds and antibiotics until I can get the procedure done soon. 


    I am terrified. Lol

    1. Red


      Dentists are a necessary evil.

    2. braenuun


      so are teeth

    3. braenuun


      the nerve of those things

  12. I got punched in the throat today by a dog. At least he gave me a kiss afterward. Lol

    1. Etain


      Oh no! Your poor throat!

  13. The mate and I are shopping for a mattress today and I am beyond excited...

    I also suddenly feel old.

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Hope you found one to your liking!

    2. Ragana


      We did! It arrives today and I am STOKED.