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  1. Today has been one of the best in a while. I finally feel more on top of things personally and work wise. I came home to enjoy some time to myself, spend time with my pets, and ended it with my favorite movies, crab cakes, and a beer. Good times!

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      That's awesome to hear! You deserve it. Hope days continue to be like that for ya! <3 

  2. So, I redid my kitchen this past week. I am proud. It's my first ever "home project". There is more around the corner and behind me, but I didn't feel like posting a ton of photos.


  3. IRL Photos n' Shit

    I can relate, Rune. Lmao
  4. IRL Photos n' Shit

    My new ears came in and I am pleased.
  5. Man, the rain is crazy here right now. And the lightning. My power is going in and out on a daily basis from these storms.

    1. braenuun


      I want these storms

  6. I am now convinced that the character "L" from Death Note was inspired, at least partially, from Special Agent Dale Cooper.

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    2. Rayna


      I was really into it at the beginning, but it drags out and becomes very slow in the middle. I am excited for the Netflix movie. Curious to see how they do. The concept fits better for a film to me.

    3. Etain


      Didn't they do a series of live action movies already?  I remember watching one of those.

    4. Rayna


      I believe there were two live action ones from Japan, but even they didn't like them. Lol
      They were cheaply done, in my opinion.

  7. My anxiety is through the roof today. I can barely get anything done.. Why am I so scared when I have nothing to be scared of? There is literally nothing going on, yet I feel mortified. This is always the worst..

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    2. braenuun


      what are rosemary, lavender, and sweet mint good for in terms of making tinctures?

    3. Etain


      Those would all be pretty decent for tension related things like headaches or trouble settling down to sleep. I'd probably omit rosemary for sleepy time though.

    4. braenuun


      I just dried a snackbag size batch of each and don't know what to do with them now xD

  8. Working from home today due to being ill. So glad my job is understanding of schedule flexibility.

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    2. Zen-The-Kittyfox
    3. Etain


      *moms at you which basically just involved supplying soup and tea* 

    4. braenuun


      I'm a counselor, with weirdy office hours

  9. I feel like crap. Stomach ache, headache, super drained. Ugh. This better not be the flu.

    1. braenuun


      *give hugs and antibodies* .3.

    2. Luna Pumpkin
    3. Rayna


      Thanks, guys. Been better, but I'm going to take a sick day tomorrow and clear this up hopefully.

  10. I had a fabulous day at work, but damn.. I really wish things would go correctly. Like, I'm doing my job well, that's not the problem. A lot of what I do is revolving around hiring other people for temp positions and so many people who applied are now saying "Oh, I can't, I have conflicts." Then why did you freakin' apply? Good lord. Don't apply for the position if you know you can't do it? Please stop wasting my time.  

  11. *Stares at her desktop blankly* 

    My motivation to do these emails and call these people is severely lacking.

    1. braenuun


      they're all staring back at you, ya hot cuppa nerrrd

    2. Rayna
  12. Alright. Time to sleep and start the next work week. Goodnight, all!

  13. Oh god. I just discovered One Punch Man. Where has this been all of my life?

    1. Grim


      They need the second season to start. So much fun!

    2. Zen-The-Kittyfox


      Best anime ever!! Well...2nd to Black Butler~

    3. Rayna



  14. I am so zoned out today.. Wish I could gather more energy. Blah.

  15. Gif Your Mood!!!