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  1. Luku_Zuku

    Rune's Photography!

    The A-Level thing is that and more. I take a couple of you photo's and evaluate them, yes (Note: An exam board will see these photo's, but they'll mark my evaluation, not your photo's don't panic). Then I have to go out and take photo's s in that style, so I might go out hiking and take pictures of what I see, etc. These photo's I take may influence The final orinal piece at the end of the year. I've already done a bunch of stuff, like throwing water into the air (Salvidor Dali "Water Cats" ). I've even wrapped elastic bands around my face ( Wes Naman "Elastic Band "). It's a bunch of fun, and I gotta credit each artist anyway I'll give you access to a modified version later if you'd like?
  2. Luku_Zuku

    Rune's Photography!

    Wooooooooow It's time for me to geek out on these as taught in Photography class. There's an amazing use of contrast across these photos, and sometime a complete disregard for the rule of thirds, yet the composition of each photo is still fresh and interesting to look at. Two things I need to ask you, 1) May I use some f of these shots in my A-Level response portfolio? I can talk you through what that means if you're concerned what that means. And don't feel as though you have to say yes, I'll find other sets if you say "No". 2) May I make my own Photography thread on here, sorta stealing ideas from you because I'm unoriginal af. I dunno, felt like I should ask
  3. I've just realised. No one at this school could care less about me. They are all just... tolerating me? Is that the right word? No one's really trying to reach out to me anyway. Or want to talk to me. Whatever. Guess I'm here to get my A-levels, and then get out. Friends aren't something you need in school anyway.

    1. Luku_Zuku


      Oh I figured. I bet I'm just a distraction to them, with my speckle shit like furry stuff and Asexuality. (Someone's already tried to "cure" me of it)

  4. Feeling really awkward......teaching myself to draw females.... in a all-girls school... this is kinda making me uncomfortable..... Well, I guess I'd better get used to it

    1. Alcedo


      It'll seem less awkward the more you do it, you just gotta keep at it.

    2. Luku_Zuku


      Some girls asked to see my sketchbook. I obliged, but showed them what I wanted them to see... They didn't seem to be offended, so I'm taking it as Mission Success

  5. Luku_Zuku

    Corrupt a Wish game (Possiably NSFW)

    Granted, but you're constantly on the side of the party most people dislike, and find problems with I wish I could read social interactions well and act upon them in the best way.