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    Shapeshifting Galaxy Polekitty
  • Birthday 05/19/1992

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    ClockworkRoyale ( should come up as Vespertine (Dri) )
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    Galactic Shapeshifter ( Appears most often as a Ocelot/Ferret Hybrid )
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    Exploring the far reaches of a galaxy near you!

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  1. u w u Back, I think? This time with a proper 'sona. 

    1. braenuun


      *floofs your cheeks* welcome baaack!

    2. Veritas


      * Giggles. * Thank you! >v<

    3. braenuun


      youre double welcome!

  2. A Happy Yuletide and a warm upcoming Spring to all of you. u v u May the new year bring you good fortune and health. 

  3. You'd swear, with some of the reactions you get from people when you tell them you don't celebrate Christmas, that you were committing some sort of crime. 8T

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. OmgItsRira


      don't mind me, I'm just liking everyone's post lol

    3. CoffeeMom


      Well then have some love right back~<3

    4. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      It's not that I don't like Christmas, but my family keeps getting smaller every year lol

  4. Anyone want to rec me some new tunes to listen to? Maybe by some uncommon artists/groups? Thanks a bunch! >V<

  5. A tragedy-- I am out of tea and cannot afford more. ;w; A terrible loss.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Veritas


      Etain, you are a saint among snowmews. ; w ; I am suffering without my caffeine. 

    3. Kiryu2012


      *Asgore throws all the teat your direction*

    4. Veritas


      * Happy accepts this bounty from the Benevolent King Goat Dad. * 

  6. Granted, but all the wishes that you ask of the genie go horribly wrong in literally explosive ways. c: I wish for a pint of ice cream.
  7. It's been ages since I've been on here. oAo

    1. Veritas


      I took a little time away from the fandom due to some closeted feelings about it and life getting kinda hectic. ovo;; Glad to be back though, I really did enjoy this place. u//v//u

    2. CoffeeMom


      You were missed! ~<3

    3. Veritas


      Awh, thanks Etain. ; w ; All of the coffee beans to you. <3

  8. - Sleepy bun noises. - Night shift at the coffee shop is a delight, but late night coffee binges are not good for the 'ol sleep disorder. Time to crash. 

  9. Granted, but it poops everywhere and terrorizes the entire family through the whole winter holiday. I wish for cute new art of my fursona. :3c
  10. * Stares longingly at the roleplay forums. * 
    I'm tempted to explore them, but it'd be my first time RPing as an anthro character. 
    What if I'm not able to do it justice? D; 
    * Hides under his air conditioner. * 

    1. Dukeallocer


      I'm pretty damn sure you'd do it justice- and if you don't, then you'll learn.


    2. Stoneheart


      Trust me, the fact that you display solid knowledge of the english language, and propper sentence structure, already beats some people i've had in my RP threads in the past. 


      You'll be just fine.

    3. Alcedo


      Yes you will. And if you need someone to consult about how you should go about it, I can offer help. Just PM me.

  11. Insomnia isn't fun. D; Ugh body why you do this?

    1. Alcedo


      Because brain gets broke.

    2. Kit Silver

      Kit Silver

      i think it's a great place to see video games in england

  12. ; U ; Kita your 'sona is super precious amg. 

    1. Nichole


      Im sorry I didnt see your message ;~; but ty ily I have many sonas

  13. * Wavewaves to the fellow Jackalope! * o w o

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Tundra Lunamos

      Tundra Lunamos

      I can relate, been here almost a year now and trust me, it's a wild but fun ride. 

      I have a spot for spaceships, like HUGE spaceships. I just like the idea of people roaming the stars in a giant flotilla. Oh, that or A.I, or cybernetics, or.... Shit I'm rambling again vwv;;

    3. Veritas


      Eheh! Seems that way, from everyone I've talked to so far! >w< 

      u//v//u The idea of being able to navigate and explore the stars is such a lovely one. Being able to explore new planets and travel by starlight is such a beautiful thought! And yesssss. <3 Advanced computoral capabilities/synth lifeforms are super rad. No worries, you're not rambling! o u o

    4. Fyren Lokieidr
  14. It is -never- a bad time for pizza. This is a universal truth. 

    1. Veritas


      u v u Hehe! 
      Do you prefer deep dish, or fold-over style pizza? :3

  15. - Shyly waves from the fur closet. - 

    1. Show previous comments  9 more
    2. Alcedo


      *eyes twitch from PokéPTSD* It's fine... :)

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Welcome to the Tails Refuge!

    4. Veritas


      Thank you for the warm welcome, Kai! Happy to be here!

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