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  1. Frost - Heartstrings Chris Squire and Alan White - Run with the Fox Haken - Snow
  2. I should really post here more often. :p

    1. HeartlessSora


      well of course so we can know what you doin every day , every hour , every time you blink , its always interesting X3

  3. Last person to post wins.

    hi can i be admin
  4. Last person to post wins.

    I've never played Sly Cooper before... In fact, I've never owned a console that wasn't Nintendo. >_<
  5. Last person to post wins.

    Press Button 1, and FLASH! I'm here. :3
  6. Hey I'm new here and I'm a digital artist! ^^

    Heya, welcome to TR! I shall now watch your FA page because oh my goodness your artwork is wonderful~ >w<
  7. I got a feel for pleasure!
    I got a feel for pain!
    I got a feel for you girl!
    Hey baby! I'm feeling free again!

    1. Chi-Chi


      Manilla Road - "Feeling Free Again"


  8. Red's Art Circle

    Correct me if I'm wrong but are you asking for a challenge????? *winds up my tail to power up and make small rocks levitate off the ground*
  9. *shoots clothing at you with a cannon* HECK

  10. There are way too many guys interested in me. I lean toward women, damn it.

  11. Long time no see

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    2. Chi-Chi


      True... Hey um, you wouldn't happen to be on Furaffinity or DeviantArt, would you? 'Cause that's where I'm most active. Also Telegram.

    3. TieDyeDragon


      Furrafinity yes the others ...no

    4. Chi-Chi


      Cool! What's your FA username, then? :3

  12. Haven't been here in a while...I guess I was busy doing this again:1481604858.chi-chi_stuck.png

    I love this picture way too much. ^////^

    1. TieDyeDragon


      Nudist cats alway get stuck in snow ay?

    2. Chi-Chi


      Nah, I think that's just me. X//3