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  1. SashimiFox

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    I daresay you look like Abby (aka Abbot) from NCIS!
  2. SashimiFox

    Last person to post wins.

    also yeetus yeetus commit self deleetus joke's on you mate
  3. SashimiFox

    Last person to post wins.

    Fuck it. I stopped fanboying Zootopia, time made me mature. Take the title, i'll change to SashimiFox aka Windows Vista
  4. SashimiFox


    Thanks a lot, man! Have a nice day!
  5. SashimiFox

    Last person to post wins.

    😛😛I WILL WIN. or not muahahahaahahahahahahahaha nope.
  6. SashimiFox


    who? i'm not sure who to ask
  7. SashimiFox

    Whats the weirdest question A non-furry asked you about furries?

    Other than if i wanted to bang animals/bang people on fursuits/bang pikachu/bang pokémon/bang my furry friend/be an animal(note:i am not an Otherkin/Therian)/fursuits were for sex, if furries actually fapped to animals banging (because yiff exists). my friends suck except my furry friend.
  8. SashimiFox


    Heck yeah. I do need help with that. if there was someone willing to do that i'd appreciate
  9. SashimiFox

    AIM is back!

    Highly unlikely. Yahoo was bought by Owl. If they do something of that sort (doubt it) it will be something like owl messenger... Yahoo is pretty much 110% dead pal.
  10. SashimiFox

    AIM is back!

    Wow! I thought that was gone forever!
  11. SashimiFox

    What's your guilty pleasure band?

    Nickelband is definetly my choice. Their music is great.
  12. SashimiFox


    I sincerely hope not for the worst. i looked at some replies of mine to people warning me b o i, that was c r i n g y a s h e l l
  13. SashimiFox

    PCs, Laptops, and such.

    HP Elitebook 8570w Core i7 vPro 32GB RAM 3TB HDD + 512 SSD Windows 10, macOS (i hackintoshed it for fun), and Linux on VM. I mostly do school stuff, play CounterStrike:GlobalOffensive, Minecraft, and SuperTux. My desktop is clean as an abandoned factory, which is to say it's a mess. Sometimes i clean it but whatever 😛
  14. SashimiFox


    EDIT: DISCLAIMER: i am sorry for all the crap i made. someone made me realize that. i wasn't being rational. please, forgive me if you can. no i'm not a cringy fanboy, all my interest in Zootopia was begone just like a thot. i hope i will create better memories with you and that my cringeness didn't affect you in any way. UWU i'm back!!! UWU on a more serious note, hello to y'all. since i virtually died, i got more and more involved with the furry community. I found a furry just like me in the most unlikely place on earth. yiff is gr8 My art got 9000x better. (not clickbait) and i always thought of you. now IM BACK UWU Thingz to know -i consider myself pansexual. (not really interesting, since no one cares qwq) -I am not going to keep being a Nick Wilde copycat, -windowz vista rools becauz of thi a e s t h e t i c n e s s -disney made me wait for a zootopia sequel so long i lost interest in it -I now have a Nexus Hammerhead aka Nexus 5! I was using a Windows Phone, a Lumia 620, to post! It was awful! Now it's not! -i will be formerly known as SashimiFox. aka Windows Vista -the reason winVista was so unstable was the file system inherited from XP combining the a e s t h e t i c of Vista. -furries were the best thing that happened in my life -love y'all -please, if you still love liked me and remember me feel free to chat with me! anxious to know who remembers me! well that was all lied thank you for helping me during a depression i had in 2016. the furs here are so nice... love our fandom uwu owo \owo/ laterz


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      Of course not!

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      oh well that made it more interesting uwu

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      hewo owo