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  1. Hey, nice new icon.

  2. I like your banner

    1. Sage
    2. Vivus


      it is a good banner

      who did it?

    3. Alcedo


      Its the upper shot of his refsheet

  3. Customers who pay for a service, may have some right regarding the need to receive whatever they pay for.

    But no one has the right to be an asshole to a stranger because they are having a bad day, anger shouldn't be vented onto strangers!

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    2. Leogon


      Ive seen some competition errors, like a fella who lifted a concrete sphere almost onto a platform, then went backwards from the chest up X____x
      Seriously scary screw ups are out there.

    3. Sage


      Agreed, I've been researching how to do it safely and sanely. yay whey protein!

    4. Leogon


      Egg powder is as good as eggs, eggs are good too ^___^

      I have no research, and am not buff, but am on the way there. Started up boxing practice again, always a good time.

  4. 01000111 01010010 01000101 01000101 01010100 01001001 01001110 01000111 01010011 00100001

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    2. Tombax


      @Snowmew Justin 4d 59 20 41 4c 47 45 42 52 41 20 46 58 20 32 2e 30 20 50 4c 55 53 20 44 49 44 4e 27 54 20 4d 41 4b 45 20 49 54 20 54 4f 20 44 45 4e 56 45 52 20 3a 27 28

    3. Sage


      i... can only translate the binary... I am so ashamed.

    4. Tombax


      Aww! Don't feel bad! ** Offers hugs! **

      The base64 really messed with me. It was fun to lean how to do that. Basically, you look up the symbols in a lookup table on the wikipedia page that translates them into a decimal number. You write that down in exactly six bits of binary. Do that four at a time so you've got a string of 24 bits. Take out the spaces and re-divide them at 8 bits so you've got 3 bytes... boom, you're back to ASCII. Morse code translator can be found here. All other quick translators can be found here.


      Take care!! ^w^

  5. I hate it when I have an idea to RP, but no one is online.

  6. An entire shift with only 3 calls. Mon dieu... Merci! :praiseit:

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    2. Sage


      well the monitoring staff are scrambling, aparently the repair team we called at midnight have done nothing. *made sure to have documentation*

    3. Alcedo


      Repair team was asleep. gg

    4. Sage


      They very well may be.

  7. Time to head on down to the place o' work! *dying*

  8. Ugh, need to sort out my file size when I'm not on a tablet >_<