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Sublime Desire

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    The Hoodie Cat

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    American Curl
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    Mated, Open
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    Probably in a box

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  1. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy youuuuuuuu<3

    1. Arabella


      hello gorgeous <3

  2. *Offers Naomi the wonderful gift of strawberries and bananas.* 

  3. Jinx, you are a lovely and I love the lovelies and yes. 

  4. I now own this land. AND that booty!

    1. Sublime Desire

      Sublime Desire

      Is it weird I don't remember writing this at all?

  5. *Places a small potato atop Kim's head.*

  6. Such pretty eyes. o:

    1. CoffeeMom
    2. Sublime Desire

      Sublime Desire

      I was not expecting a reply! Now I have the special feels. :D

  7. Aaaah. Ya think you can follow me and get away with it huh? Well think again! I'm following you now. x3

    1. Kirrik


      Oh no!  I've been discovered!

      It's a lie, lies and slander, sergal is innoceeeeeeeeent!

      -runs off to hide-

  8. *Leaves cookies to a poorly designed and obvious trap. A stick holding up a large box with cookies on a plate inside. Sits and watches.* oUo

    1. Vicaria Love

      Vicaria Love

      *Approaches this, admiring the trap. But just as she did so, it sprung. The cookies grabbed her attention, making her forget all about stealing the trap!*

    2. Sublime Desire

      Sublime Desire

      *Isn't sure if she wins here but quickly snatches Jinx up and stuffs her into a sack.* x3

    3. Glacero


      ** sniff and smells cookies  and looks around for them  **  i want my cookies!!

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