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  1. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    well, i am a reasonable person capable of understanding that some of my beliefs might be wrong, or i might have misconceptions because i am no expert in a cubic shit ton of topics so yeah, If am presented with understandable clear information then I will reconsider what I know based on new info c: except when it comes to the new thundercats cartoon, that thing is a foul turd.
  2. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    well that dispels all doubts. cool.
  3. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    so where are you on shakespeare, one dude or a collection of dudes signing the same?
  4. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    Cool, liked madoka, it's good but it's basically Kamen Rider Ryuki, the dude who wrote madoka is a huge fan and friend of the writer of ryuki so go figure. Guilty pleasure? I guess paranormal shit and paranormal documentaries, I've seen as many amityvile docus available, i know it's full of shit but still enjoyable.
  5. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    yes pity money is the best! honestly the project is kinda i dunno run of the mill vigilante hero stuff but the dude knows how to make it look good wouldn't buy it if the dude wasn't one of my bros mostly because I gave up con super heroes long time ago.
  6. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    busy with life and shit, wife is gonna be home as she doesn't have university classes for like 3 months, she still does online lessons so whatever. work work work, finished another 50 pages, right now i am doing layouts for another graphic novel, plus thinking of opening commissions because money is good. Got a new computer because the last one bit the dust. Latest thing I did...I made a poster for a friend's personal project, he really likes it, dude works at marvel as colorist so I will get my art colored by one of the uber pros. tons of burnout, saving cash for vacations in mexico city. pretty much.
  7. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    I'm back what did i miss?
  8. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    lol no, not beyond this https://gamebabble.wordpress.com/2010/02/22/sonic-and-the-worst-fandom-ever/ probably one of the best articles on what the hell is going on sonic out there.
  9. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    Exactly, it feels like a bingo of things with the purpose of changing cartoony silly characters into edgelord sonic.
  10. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    of course as original as all sonic OC's can be.
  11. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    im ade a sonic oc for shit and giggles, i am a terrible garbage person. Is it terrible enough? does it need guns?
  12. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    huh now it works
  13. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    pretty good, reminds me of carapace there's only one thing, the grid works but after selecting a different color for horizontals it does nothing, doesn't change the lines color, other than that it works.
  14. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    if this technology keeps refining itself it's gonna be awesome
  15. DoeDog

    Red's Art Circle

    holyshit it's amazing D: