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  1. Granted, but you find yourself stuck in an igloo in Nunavut. :P I wish I could have a genie lamp.
  2. I'm here to reclaim my post as King of the Hill. I don't go down easily. :P
  3. Granted, but the coffee made is actually very wet rubber cement with brown food coloring and some crushed coffee grains. Drinking the substance would certainly mean sealing your throat, causing a slow death of starvation. I wish I could own an antique sword...
  4. Greetings, newcomer. I hope you enjoy your stay here at the refuge. :)
  5. Greetings newcomer! I hope you enjoy your stay at the refuge!
  6. My name is Chinggis, and that is all you need to know for now. I am a lover of ancient and medieval history and enjoy studying science and foreign languages of Central Asia. I am learning Swedish and Turkish on Duolingo, I am also a furry. My fursona is a thylacine (Tasmaian Tiger/Wolf), I also have two other fursonas (bat and crux shapeshifter). Worldbuilding and fantasy roleplay are my forte. I look foward to meeting other furries interested in these topics as much as I am!
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