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  1. *flops about the page like a fish out of water*

  2. Spark III of Mystic Nan complete, read it. You know, if you want.

  3. It's a hyooman 


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    2. Maromar


      It allows for greater prowess for swimming, yet keeps us moderately warm in cold weather with the hair that does exist. We are the middleground, jack of many stats, master of none.

    3. Luna Pumpkin

      Luna Pumpkin

      Essentially capable of dealing any kind of damage, but also susceptible to any kind?

    4. Maromar


      Correct. A blessing wrapped in a curse, a boon shrouded by burdon. I'm... waxing poetic now. 

  4. After I'm done writing, I feel the incessant need to write more.

  5. Maromar

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Interesting, I had a cat named Oreo.
  6. Cute icon~

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    2. Rune


      I still pop onto Furcadia and SecondLife every so often though. I have a portrait space on my furc chara, so it will never expire mwahaha. And as for SL, i occasionally pop on there to do some dancing and run around as dinosaurs (i fuckin love dinos man)

    3. Maromar


      Those are a few places I've never checked out, but I really should. BezeFox brought me into the fold here after a few dialogues about writing. Social experience is something I severely lack.

    4. Rune


      Well, Furcadia isnt around much anymore ever since SL took off. Furc was made in like, super early 2000s and its all pixelated lil characters