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  1. I know I am rarely on..but if everyone could share this on the social media platforms you use...id highly appreciate it. Long story short - uber drive account hacked, lost job cause the hacker. watch video for details -https://youtu.be/P95lqpqSwyE

  2. Who am I? someone forgotten and lost...looking for someone to chat with is all.

  3. I think ill  make youtube videos again

  4. well...the oldest shirt I have....A Guitar Hero II shirt that you got with pre-ordering the game..has joined my sleeveless shirt club..next to my Iron Maiden shirt and a quick silver shirt i have..2006-2017...the shirt has been though a lot in my life..middle school...high school...welding classes...construction jobs...a few parties..and now college...now it will be a workout shirt. half of the sleeve was already off..figured I would finish the other half.

  5. Hey all, I have been so busy getting things back to normal after Hurricane Irma, I hope to rp with anyone who is willing but only SFW rp's please! 



    1. Rune


      Glad to hear you made it out safe! Any property damages you guys have to deal with?

  6. *Is a taken,happy,kittyfox*

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    2. Zen-The-Kittyfox


      mmhmm. I am taken by a girl i have known for quiet a while

    3. LadyArachne


      That's great to hear! :D

    4. Zen-The-Kittyfox
  7. Anyone want to chat or rp?..please?

  8. Blue Fox is here!!

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    2. Red


      Well good for you! *mean face*

    3. braenuun


      *petpats Red's face too* there there

    4. Red
  9. Sooooo....I dyed my hair blue ._.

    1. Salvatoriago


      Lol Nice! How's it feel? 

  10. I always end up back at square one...why am I such a f*** up?

  11. 3...almost 4 months later and i get my art. its perfect. too bad i can't thank the creator :/

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    2. Red


      Well, if you need more art let me know. I've got my info on my sig and profile page. And if you don't have a ref I do a deal where I treat the front and side figures as one.

    3. Red


      Oh my, $40 For base recolor!?

    4. Naomi