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  1. *is well rested* hello again, purple one.

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    2. braenuun


      then perhaps adult advanced?  I mean, if it's in the wrong spot then someone will tell us and help us move it.  I usually throw my stuff into adult advanced anyways because it covers certain nsfw things that might happen (romance, gore, swearing like a m*f*'n sailor, controversial themes and harsh characters) and it accomadates for numerous expressions instead of the line by line.  I mark it with our names so it's "off limits" to others, but if we ever want to include anyone, it's open should we accept others

    3. Cydonix




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  2. Welcome to the Refuge ma'am! Hope you enjoy your stay. 

    1. Cydonix


      Purrs Thank you very much sir. In time I will, navigating these forums and seeing all the creative writers out their really inspire me to take mine up a notch.

    2. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      You will definitely find some great writers here who will always put in their best effort. *whispers* I'm a lady also but I take it as a compliment.

    3. Cydonix


      Oops! @[email protected] I'm sorry. I just assumed without even looking. Looks down in shame. 

  3. Just Another Introduction

    Oki Mr. Otter sleep well and sweetly. :3
  4. Just Another Introduction

    Giggles. So cute. ^^
  5. Just Another Introduction

    Places ice water with salt on the table before him. ~w~
  6. Just Another Introduction

    Salt is balance without it not even the beloved potato would be as delicious. Sprinkles some over Tekken 7
  7. Just Another Introduction

    Heehe I see what you did there. X3 Offers him some salt as a peace offering.
  8. Just Another Introduction

    XD Dont worry I dont eat avocado and potatoes deserve the ultimate respec.
  9. Just Another Introduction

    Thank you both for the warm welcomes. Purrs with a content expression forming into a cat like smile Hope we'll all get along.
  10. Just Another Introduction

    Hehe..totally new to this type of forum, any help on what I should do or expect here is highly appreciated. Name: Sari or Cydonix Species: Fantasy purple haired feline Age: 120 Bio: The saying "Cat's have 9 Lives" isnt a hoax or a joke you crack when your favorite feline lands safely from a high height. Sari or Cydonix has lived long and true to this, she's the last of her kind, thankfully her gene's are as flexible as her body.
  11. You might want to post an intro as well. They do help people fina/understand you.

    1. Cydonix


      Thanks. :3