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  1. Musicians!

    Go for it! doesnt have to be perfect! thats why imade this forum
  2. Musicians!

    That really sucks :(
  3. Musicians!

    Estas Tonne is amazing I was in awe when I discovered him. <3 I plan on not going in the flamenco route on classical I'll stick with my picks and hybrid picking. I love the insanely snappy sound it produces. Yngwie Malmsteen and Vinnie Moore do t. It sounds so intense and bright. I much more prefer the classical style. I ended up checking out the YouTube channel! better production than what I'm capable of right now! :3 I tend to lean on Orange and Laney amps they are nasty. Vintage style always sounds best. They have a lot of punch. I've broken my wrist and a few fingers but it doesn't stop me. My pinky can lock up sometimes but its nothing major. Just keep learning!
  4. Musicians!

    Piano is what did it in for me. I was a young kid and when I'd visit my great grandmother I'd always go straight to the piano. It was just so fun playing it not knowing what I was doing. Being able to create something and try to make what sounds good. I used to write simple songs or progressions and do poetry over them when I was young. Nothing good or exciting really. I work hard on every song I make now, It sucks sometimes when I write things to play that I can't play. I gotta get me ideas out some way. So I work hard to nail what I can. I'm a 16-17 year player myself we all learn in different ways. I'm just now learning to sight read. I had knowledge of basic theory. Note duration, time, major, and minor. I'm going past that now with sight reading. Learning key signatures, how things are constructed. Its all simple and really interesting. I always feel I've made things harder on myself not knowing theory. Knowing it is helpful. I'm still studying out of the book "Musicians Institute: Harmony & Theory." I Highly recommend it! Its crazy how simple music gets. Improvising will take you a long way from what I've seen. I'ts good developing your ear too. Mines still getting there but its opened more doors from me. I'm nearly on pitch when I'm playing along to Simple rhythms, fast shred passages... I'm learning to play "As Time Slips By" by Vinnie Moore by ear right now. I've only been reading as a last resort sometimes just to see if I'm correct. Last song I learned by ear is "When we were Young" by Magic Dance. Listening and making those mistakes can sound good at times that's how you develop your sound. I have times when things are difficult for me, I always try going back to them and it works. The more I learn the more things become easier. I want my music to be as beautiful and raw as I can make it. I play music for me, not for others. Make sure you record yourself to you can always go back and practice those amazing things and build on them so they are not lost!
  5. *flopsaboutyourpage* what is up, dark one?

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    2. braenuun


      yos, dis is good

    3. Jackie Irons

      Jackie Irons

      What is? :o


    4. braenuun


      that you are bright as a person, much bright is need for world

  6. Why the overly negative rep? D;

  7. Musicians!

    Beautiful guitars. I myself am a lefty. I have learned to play right handed. It felt so strange playing left handed models. It was rather confusing, I decided to go right handed.:) I can in no ways sing or anything. I'm strictly guitar. Master of one or master of none. I may pick up violin or nylon classical guitar. I am in love with Paganini I'm currently learning romance for solo guitar right now. He was a very talented solo violinist and guitarist. I baby my guitars as well I feel your fiances pain. I play electric. I'm currently saving for some better gear and things to record with. I'm very amateur at it. It just feels better playing with other people than alone. This is my sound cloud where I place my unfinished songs and ideas. I don't feel ready to share my YouTube yet. Right now I am learning music theory and sight reading. It takes time...
  8. Just had Greek pizza for the first time. I'm never going back. <3

    1. Rune


      Taco pizza is best pizza!

    2. Jackie Irons

      Jackie Irons

      Hmmmmmm depends if i can find it.:P I've never had it. Greek pizza, buffalo chicken and blue cheese are my favorites right now, so yummy.

    3. Rune


      Taco pizza is super easy to make for yourself~

  9. Musicians!

    Hey I know a lot of furs are more so into drawing and painting and such so I thought I'd start this thread for the ones who are musicians and stuff. Here we can talk about everything music related and share our tunes and so on. Share our stories and thoughts about music. Our philosophies. Possibly collaborate and share ideas and passages. I want this to be open to all styles. Classical, jazz, country, rap, pop, metal, you name it. Maybe talk about gear and show off our gear! Talk theory. So much more! So I've been playing guitar since I was seven years old I'm turning 24 next month. I started out on a beautiful red Strat. I always had a hard time playing chords all I did was practice and not take myself serious as a musician. I'd try finding interesting voices for chords and stuff. It just never worked for me. I started learning to play full songs by the time I was 14-15? and developing more on my sound. I started learning more scales and melodies and yes I still sucked at chords. It was due to my anatomy. I just decided to give up completely on them. I grew to be a melodic player even when it comes to rhythm. Everything I do starts with some melody over a chord progression. There was other things holding me back, I was young, not creative, had an ego. I am completely self taught. I discovered power metal and Steve Vai (extremely amazing humble and wise guitar god <3). I changed how I saw music and guitar I become more serious about it. I unlocked my inner creativity and lost all ego. I started writing my own songs. I try to be the best I can be and make what sounds good to me. Better and better. I'm a fast rhythm player with a lot of melody. I'm just now starting to shred so it's been so great. My styles are power metal and neoclassical. This is my story summed up there's so much more! I'd love to share my new song sometime this month I been too distracted. I'd love to hear our musicians stories and keep discussing. Learn more about each other as we go along!
  10. Does Anyone Take Requests? (Gifts or Freebies)

    Thanks for getting back sooner ^^
  11. Does Anyone Take Requests? (Gifts or Freebies)

    Aww well message me and let me know what you need? ^^ And all that jazz? :P And stuff. And things. I just had a total brain fart :P Hit me up!
  12. Hello!

    Hahaha! Me too I try not to be to vague but i ebd up confusing people i can be daunting :P
  13. Red's Art Circle

    I paint with sound! :P I should start a thread for music when I can.I gotta say album cover art is cool as hell tho.:P I do some poetry and writing.
  14. Red's Art Circle

    I can't draw to save my life I'm only a musician.:P
  15. Hello!

    A lot of furs are canine or feline but never any specific breed lol. Thanks <3 Nice to meet you too *wags tail*