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  1. Last person to post wins.

    Oh yeah!
  2. Last person to post wins.

    Or break at warp speed?
  3. Greetings to all

    Je suis arrivé
  4. Greetings to all

    I am Gorandius, I have also been known on other sites as Caesar Gorandius, Kaiser Gorandius, or General Gorandius. I choose to to embellish myself with any pretentious ranks here. What is your primary species? - I am a sehlat from the planet Vulcan How long have you been a member of the fandom? - I was only recently introduced Have you gone to any furry gatherings? - nope What type of RP do you like? - Science fiction, high fantasy Do you like to lead RPs or just participate? - mainly participate Are you an artist of any type (If so what can you do)? - I am primarily involved in performing arts. I am an actor. What do you expect out of the Refuge? - A fun community from which to escape from the rest of the world