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  1. Mississippi furs?

    Oh ok, I'm in Clinton/Raymond. Clinton is where I live and Raymond is where I go for college :)
  2. Mississippi furs?

    Awesome! Where in Mississippi? :)
  3. Hey every fur! Just looking for anyone in Mississippi! I am 19, Pansexual, FtM transgender (still female body), and single as a pringle! I love gaming, cooking, drawing, walking, and laughing! I am looking for that special mate in Mississippi! :) I don't do long distance that much and I like someone in my state > < want to know more about me and you are in Mississippi? Go ahead and comment or message and if we click, ask me for my kik/telegram/Skype! :3 Hope to hear from you all!
  4. All I do in this dorm is sit and be on my phone..I don't have any friends who hang out with me so guess it's skyrim time hehehe

  5. Mississippi furs?

    Hey! I've just joined and I'm happy to say..I am no where near new to the furry community haha! I was wondering if anyone possibly lived in Mississippi and wanted to chat it down? Really curious to see how many furs are in good ole Mississippi! Hehe x3