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  1. Zealot's commissions

    its not perfect, but the scene looks as active and natural as it should atleast.
  2. Zealot's commissions

    check my FA, but really people tell me what they want, and i give a price range until we find out what works for them.
  3. Zealot's commissions

    thanks tiedie. just finished this:
  4. Zealot's commissions

    indeed. bunza loved the stars, so we made that the focus of this peice
  5. Zealot's commissions

  6. Zealot's commissions

    thanks. it seems like a really nice forum
  7. hello, i go by zealot or drakosacerdos, i do 2D and 3D artwork commissions. i like fantasy ,realism and edgy oriented art, i am able to work without clear references, and also make them. im also fine with pretty much all wierd manner of nsfw stuff, so just ask. i mainly specialize in shaded sketches and full realism peices, as i dont make clean lineart. if you have an unfinished piece or want edits made for one i do those also. my main issue as an artist seems to have been getting noticed and actually finding work to do, so if anyone wants art please let me know.