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  1. Looking for Players (PS4, 3DS)

    Coolio, will be nice to try Ark with you BySector. Dunno how much I would enjoy Battlefield, sadly. ^^' And I forgot that I had Borderlands in my library, so I added it to the list.
  2. Looking for Players (PS4, 3DS)

    I am mostly a casual gamer, but would love to play and chat with people if they are willing. We can go into a call on skype, discord, or on the PS4 to chat. Multiplayer games on the PS4- Overwatch - I have been mostly playing in the training vs. AI. I can do any three of the modes. May be willing to try out quick play if you would prefer that, but be prepared for me to die.. a lot. Ark- Evolution Evolved - Haven't played this much at all because I really prefer playing these sorts of games with others. Borderlands Collection - Haven't played before 3DS- Monster hunter 4u - At G Rank. I get really focused on monster hunter, so I may end up going silent unless I say when I have mounted something. Unless it is a more simple hunt, then I'll chat freely. Montser hunter Generations- HR 5. Not going to raise my HR since I am raising it with a friend. Also have an HR 2 person on there that I was trying to challenge myself to make her just a gunner. Pokemon- I have Y, Omega Ruby, and Sun. Not sure where I left off on Y and Ruby, but I may be able to do some casual battling. I recently restarted on Sun so all my pokemon are still fairly weak. If you are interested in playing a game or two with me, then let me know. ^^
  3. Dae's Traditional Sketches

    Heyo, Just going to share some of my art here. I have been trying to draw everyday and until I get a new drawing tablet, I will be drawing on paper. The first is a picture I did for someone using a Micron pen and India Ink. The second are some sketches with pen that I did not terribly long after I finished the first picture.
  4. Hello there

    Cao here, checking out a site I found while browsing FurAffinity. My sona is a Shetland Sheepdog (Cao), but I have side sonas that include a goat (Gino), a 'cat-lizard' (Elee).. And possibly others as well, but those are the ones that are at least semi fleshed out. Despite not being my main sona, Elee is the one I've had around the longest. I have unofficially been a member of the fandom since my freshman year of highschool, but didn't really start getting into it until after highschool. Though I haven't been to any fur gatherings, I would like to visit one some day. I do role play, but I am best to stick with SFW roleplays as I often get tangled up with my words if I even try normal romance. I am an artist and was doing digital mostly for the past few years, but due to my drawing tablet being broken I am sticking to traditional for now. I was planning on trying to make my first badge soonish. I am currently only a SFW artist.