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  1. What brought you to be furry?

    Had a fascination with furry characters when i was young, though strangly enough, my fursona came from when i was making my steam name. I just happened to put Eagle in there (because i liked eagles and because i thought i had eagle eyes and reflexes), and that became my fursona.
  2. Hey dude! Thanks for the welcome! You said you could help with a profile pic? Sorry i didn't message you but i think the message part of it is broken.

    1. braenuun


      i'll send you a message, easier to convey the image you wish me to work with!  And we can figure out whats up with your msg system while at it

  3. An Eagle Joins The Fray!

    Hey there! Names SuperSniperEagleMan! How's everyone doing?
  4. Any Sydney Furry Friends?

    Hey, just wondering if there was anybody in Sydney who was a furry like me? Maybe even someone else looking for love?
  5. What are you listening to right now?! :D

    Devil's Choir By Digital Daggers
  6. Need A Profile Pic

    Hey there! I'm new to the TF site and I'd like to get involved! The only thing i'm missing is a profile pic of my fursona. Anything i try to currently put there is apparently too big a file. Can anyone help?