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  1. A Poll

    I always enjoy some hot dragon cloaca. I'm not really a big fan of solo acts, but it does sound like an interesting topic. I have read several Eragon/Saphira stories, but honestly most of them weren't done very well, so I would love to read a good one.
  2. The wolf among you

    thanks, glad to meet you
  3. *poke*

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      *Pokes back*

  4. The wolf among you

    yeah definitely, I already sent you a PM
  5. The wolf among you

    Hello, I'm voidfire the white wolf. I'm an engineer, I have many interests including mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, religion, philosophy I don't mind having philosophical or political discussions (if they can be civil) i'll even engage with most conspiracy theories and will happily discuss the evidence I find large predators attractive and interesting I do enjoy RP, but don't always have the time. (and when I do I don't always RP as a wolf, I can be whatever makes the story more fun. even multiple characters at once.) I should also mention that its hard for me to do RP that is not erotic, even in D&D my players have complained that I overly sexualize things so don't be afraid to talk dirty to me. Talk to me if you are interested. Lastly I commissioned some art, still waiting on it to come back, so I don't have an avatar yet but its coming.