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  1. Cuddly Wusky lookin' for MS mate!

    I'm, uh, in MS. I guess you could call me somewhat interested? Not really ready to date yet, but that doesn't mean we can't talk~!
  2. Oh gosh, hi!

    Thank you all for welcoming me!
  3. Man, where to start roleplaying...It's a little overwhelming ^^"

    1. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      You can always start your own as well!

  4. Looking for Players (PS4, 3DS)

    Count me in on the 3DS side! Though I do have a ps4, I sadly don't have much to offer on the games side ^^"
  5. Oh gosh, hi!

    Just a lame introduction, nothing to see here! What is your primary species? My primary species is Badger! Do you have more then one (If so how many and list them)? I suppose? I'll probably have a walrus, a dragon, and a skunk. Maybe a pangolian. How long have you been a member of the fandom? Since...2013? 2014? Have you gone to any furry gatherings? I wish! What type of RP do you like? Any, really! Mostly kink and adventure based. Do you like to lead RPs or just participate? Participate. On a rare occasion I will lead. Are you an artist of any type (If so what can you do)? Nope, none at all. What do you expect out of the Refuge? Just to meet new friends or roleplay!