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  1. AllTehScales

    Meet my sonas

    I understand man
  2. AllTehScales

    Meet my sonas

    It's better than what my own parents could pull off lol. Where can I find the link to the discord? I'm always on there anyway
  3. AllTehScales

    Meet my sonas

    My husband wanted to go into the military but was medically discharged. It's ok though we had been together for about 5 years before we got married so we just decided to bite the bullet anyway ^^ and thanks I'm hoping to make some friends here.
  4. AllTehScales

    Meet my sonas

    Hi everyone Rosie here checking out this site out of curiosity. Irl I am a 19 year old married female but I'm allowed to rp just don't ask for nudes. However I am open for commissions and I do accept NSFW commissions. My art can be found in the FA links below. Now meet my sonas: Rose the rose gold dragon aka rosie: a bubbly and sweet rose gold colored dragon, simple design and a squishy tail to love. Female/ bisexual but prefers women. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/25639386/ Aurora: a chill and mature cobra that loves the finer things. Herm/ somewhat picky but no real preference. https://www.furaffinity.net/view/26085154/ If you want to rp, chat, or commission me say Hi I won't bite ^^ (disclaimer I do not rp with anyone under 18 for obvious reasons and if you want to rp I do longer, more story based role plays one shot smut is rare.)