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  1. Cuddly Wusky lookin' for MS mate!

    hummm all that reading what you looking for made this flirty shark want to hug you all day and maybe get a little naughty anytime anyplace and anyway you want *giggles* hihi hit me a pm if your not to shy dating a female shark sweety :)
  2. Flirty silver Shark apperce!!!!

    ty and nice to meet ya :3
  3. Flirty silver Shark apperce!!!!

    oh belive me sweety when i wouldnt be lesbian i already had you for breakfast hihi *wiggles her bum teasefuly while she giggles and sticks out her tongue to that otter* ^^
  4. Flirty silver Shark apperce!!!!

    awwww your cute but sorry sweety im lesbian ;)
  5. Flirty silver Shark apperce!!!!

    ello and ty for the warm welcome i find it realy enjoyble here and got realy nice welcomed by so many nice furs and hope i can make lots of friends :)
  6. Looking for Players (PS4, 3DS)

    im a ps4 chick i just started with fortnite today its kinda fun if anyone want to team up pure sharky feel free to add me on ps4 gamer name is Angelbladee
  7. Flirty silver Shark apperce!!!!

    gosh guys you gonna make this sharky blush crimson red with all the lovely greetings you threw at me luv ya all your so nice
  8. Flirty silver Shark apperce!!!!

    awwww thank you thats so cute :)
  9. Flirty silver Shark apperce!!!!

    wow thank you so much for the warm welcome and nice to meet ya
  10. Flirty silver Shark apperce!!!!

    Ello guys nice to meet ya all name is Sindelfox or just Sindel if you want tho ;) i am kinda new here so i hope we all can get along just fine so dont be shy i wont bite (to hard grins) maybe a little nibble *giggles* anyway that all for now dont be a stranger :)