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Aundonia last won the day on May 14 2018

Aundonia had the most liked content!

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23 Excellent


About Aundonia

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    Artistic Demonet
  • Birthday 04/27/2000

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    You gotta ask me on that one. Discord is confusing but ye, I got et
  • Skype
    Aundonia Nason
  • Telegram
    TF, is it 1838 to 1844 all over again? Who uses that shit?
  • Furaffinity
    Aundonia, AKA as extinct as the dinosaurs
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    Beast or Argonian
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    Bisexual (with a soft spot for hermaphrodites)
  • Relationship Status
    Mated, Closed
  • Location
    On The Highway To Hell

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About Me

Hello, names Aundonia but you can just call me Ace!
Just a non pro artist just looking for recognition, and I don't care about fame. I am far from professional but I hope you like my art nonetheless!

Hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy my art! Hugz n kissez~! 

If you want to talk to me look me up on Twitter, Facebook, Skype, Soundcloud, DA, or FA! I hardly do some of these accounts though so be vigilant!
I can't be that hard to find! Just look for my name and my usual Profile Pic (though with new iterations on my Character and growth of my artistic capability it may change but I promise to change all my sites to the same pic if done so).

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