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  1. Lots of changes are coming.... Yep, I'm anxious... 

  2. Aiko the Tabby Cat

    Last person to post wins.

    *yawns* Sleepy cat is sleepy.
  3. So tired and lazy today... 

    1. Alcedo


      Some felines like to be lazy. I hear they also like scritches :3

  4. A lot has change since I have left, then wandered back home again. I lost a girlfriend, gained a girlfriend and boyfriend, have gotten further in school, and have just grown as a person... I missed you all though.

    1. Alcedo


      Welcome back. Enjoy your stay. The Refuge is here as always ^^

    2. Aiko the Tabby Cat

      Aiko the Tabby Cat

      Thank you very much. This place has been home for a long time, so it is great to be back.

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Keep working hard in school! You're doing just fine :)

  5. I miss my girlfriend and boyfriend...

  6. I think I just give up today...

  7. Happy kitty is happy <3

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    2. Aiko the Tabby Cat

      Aiko the Tabby Cat

      I am beautiful, no matter what they say... Words can't bring me down *throws shoe* so don't you bring me down today. *sincerely hopes he gets the reference*

    3. Syfe Fireshard
    4. Aiko the Tabby Cat

      Aiko the Tabby Cat

      Does this mean someone got my reference? X3