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  1. Aiko the Tabby Cat


    There are a few I would recommend to a friend that has never watched anime before. Oran Highschool Host Club, Yuri on Ice, Death Note, or Assassination Classroom. It would all depend on the kind of person they are. Favorite anime is hard. There are so many anime I like that I really can't choose. The first anime I ever remember watching is Pokemon. After that, Yu-Gi-Oh, after that Inuyasha.
  2. Lots of changes are coming.... Yep, I'm anxious... 

  3. Aiko the Tabby Cat

    Last person to post wins.

    *yawns* Sleepy cat is sleepy.
  4. So tired and lazy today... 

    1. Alcedo


      Some felines like to be lazy. I hear they also like scritches :3

  5. A lot has change since I have left, then wandered back home again. I lost a girlfriend, gained a girlfriend and boyfriend, have gotten further in school, and have just grown as a person... I missed you all though.

    1. Alcedo


      Welcome back. Enjoy your stay. The Refuge is here as always ^^

    2. Aiko the Tabby Cat

      Aiko the Tabby Cat

      Thank you very much. This place has been home for a long time, so it is great to be back.

    3. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Keep working hard in school! You're doing just fine :)

  6. I miss my girlfriend and boyfriend...

  7. I think I just give up today...

  8. Happy kitty is happy <3

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    2. Aiko the Tabby Cat

      Aiko the Tabby Cat

      I am beautiful, no matter what they say... Words can't bring me down *throws shoe* so don't you bring me down today. *sincerely hopes he gets the reference*

    3. Syfe Fireshard
    4. Aiko the Tabby Cat

      Aiko the Tabby Cat

      Does this mean someone got my reference? X3