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Raphial Hebert

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Raphial Hebert last won the day on March 31 2012

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  1. I own a fleet of classic Lincolns....

    '67 Continental, '73 Continental, and '88 Town Car. Might have a '65 Mercury soon.

    1. Cef Fur

      Cef Fur

      That's the way to do it!

  2. My new baby <3 My dream car, and it's all mine.


  3. Picked up my 67 Continental coupe the other day. Tore down the steering column, brake system, and fuel lines. Already diving into it. lol Love this thing.

  4. Picking up a black 1967 Continental tomorrow. Last night was chaotic, but I'm not letting it ruin this weekend.

    1. Cef Fur

      Cef Fur

      That is a nice ride!!

  5. Well that Cadillac Deville was a bust. Damn. Guy gave me back my money, and had someone else pick it up. Ugh.

    1. Red
    2. Raphial Hebert

      Raphial Hebert

      It's alright...I'm possibly getting a clean and white '66 Plymouth Fury tomorrow. If not that, possibly a baby blue '66 Chrysler Newport.

    3. Raphial Hebert

      Raphial Hebert

      Nope. Buying a 1967 2-door Continental, black.

  6. Some people need to realize that I only have so much patience...I'm a very patient person, but don't take advantage of it plzkthnx.

    1. Red


      *furious dancing*

  7. I received word of a check I'm getting today in the mail because of a wreck that happened 6+ months ago... sudden nice amount of unexpected money is always good in a time of dire need.

  8. So I just got my room, sealed a deal on a 1970 Cadillac Deville Coupe, got a raise in my hours, got all my cars finally up here and at home, and I've made a few new local furiends. No longer homeless! After working my ass off, biding my time, and being patient, I've finally started getting back up on my feet. Can't wait to celebrate little man's 1st birthday this Friday too! :3 This week and weekend has been so busy, but worth it. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Raphial Hebert

      Raphial Hebert

      Little by little, yeah~ I've had a really rough month thus far, but this weekend, everything seemed to slow down a little just enough for me to relax. I had my pet over this weekend, then spent Sunday and Monday with my mate...got more stuff moved, got my unit cleaned up, got my stuff into my room, etc. I still have a LOT to deal with (I have to find Max a home...my GSD) and lots of past due bills to deal with thanks to the beginning of this month's incident (I got stranded in Idaho for a week... ), but things are still looking up slowly but surely. Like I said, I'm being patient and doing what I can. Staying positive as much as I can, and I'm sure eventually things will fall into place. :3

    3. Red


      Same here.

    4. Samurai Kai

      Samurai Kai

      Glad to hear it.

  9. New ride c: New room and a new $800 tempurpedic mattress given to me for free Pupper dogde <3
  10. Omg cute girl and adorable dog! That dog's face, I can't ;-; What breed is he/she?
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