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  1. Another character for the rotation!

    1. Azure the Snow Kitty

      Azure the Snow Kitty

      your the first shark i've met *curious* what's it like *looks at your fins shyly* c..can i touch? they look so cool
  2. Hey, Keep your head up <3

  3. I could use a good taco right now...

    1. Dukov Wolff

      Dukov Wolff

      if you mean an actual taco, you should not have a hard time finding one in Cail.

    2. Ozzy the Kangaroo

      Ozzy the Kangaroo

      i thought you liked dudes? *snikker snikker*

  4. Jasper!!! :D Sorry I've been really occupied as of recent.

  5. -hugs you warmly- Hey there!! Sorry I've been... occupied >.>

  6. You have been awefully quiet mr sharky....TALK MORE!! Xx

  7. Huux the Shark

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    Look at that cute otter :D
  8. I'll do my best :P

  9. Use Skype moar... and poke me even if I seem to be offline.

  10. I know! I haven't talked to so many people in soooo long :C

  11. Hurrah ^_^ Just been missing you and Liam... haven't talked to either in some time.