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  1. new painting~ 11x14
  2. those canvases are 12x16, even though the packaging labeled them as 11x14...weird. Bought some 11x14 canvases to do more work on, so stay tuned~

    1. braenuun


      vicious lies and slander, those labels!

  3. My issue is with my wrist, it doesnt allow me to properly grip/slide along the neck because it locks in a specific position and wont unlock for several goddamn hours. Max i can do is maybe an hour's worth before i have to put it down because wrist locking- same with drawing
  4. Have you listened to the things made by Estes Tonne? His work is absolutely gorgeous and insanely inspiring. I attached a recording of something my fiance's been fiddling with for a while, as he's unsure if he wants to put words to it or not. Kind of a derpy recording, as he now has permanent damage to his pinky and cant pick with it, so hes having to learn how to adjust to not having that finger to use. Recently got him a HoneyTone mini amp to fiddle with, and i'm actually pretty surprised at the fantastic quality of the tiny thing. I've only been playing piano since 2010 personally, and am in no way good at all lol. I need to teach myself a lot more things, mostly music theory and whatnot. VIDEO0065_01.mp4
  5. I myself am not much of a musician, my fiance is moreso. I can dink around on a Piano and relatively taught myself how to play and read sheets, and can play a couple Nightwish songs on piano. I neeeeddd to get a full 88 key though because most of what i play requires lower octaves than the piano i currently have. Fiance plays an acoustic (a rare 1974 Gibson copy, has a zero fret and labeled as a Sakura) and also does vocals, both of his youtube accounts are linked in my profile (i'm laazzyyyy). He's been teaching me how to guitar on his Yamaha, and honestly i'm struggling because of how weird my left wrist is (its weird because i'm a lefty, but its more comfortable for me to work the neck with my left and strum with my right). I'm hoping to get my first acoustic here pretty soon, its just a matter of timing! Fiance keeps threatening to send me home with his baby (the gibson copy which i've attached a picture from 2012 because its the only one i can find lol). He doesnt use the 74 much for busking anymore because she was just repaired from having a broken headstock and a cracked neck, so most of the videos on the Dreadnaught youtube were done with his Yammy.
  6. Getting materials tonight to paint more galaxies, heck yeah

    1. Red


      Isn't one enough for you!?

  7. Got an acrylic on canvas for sale if anyone's interested~

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Red


      Wow, nice. How big is it?

    3. Rune


      the packaging claimed 11x14, but when compared to an 11x14 frame, its a bit bigger than that

    4. Naomi


      OAO ~ tis gorgeous!

  8. I got bored last night and painted a galaxy 12x16 acrylics on canvas, its for sale if anyone's interested
  9. Got paint on muh face because i sneezed while holding the brush
  10. Wife is out of food, so opening up commissions to help him out~ message me if you're interested!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. NezzytheFox


      Well how much would it cost?

    3. Rune


      base price is for front and back~



    4. NezzytheFox


      So about 90 for what i want with shades well that isn't to bad really


  11. ...basically my personality summed up in two photos lol..
  12. I really fuckin need a haircut...i can make a toupé just with putting it up in a half-assed bun
  13. finally redid my old-ass commission price sheet. looks so nice now

  14. Still obnoxiously proud of a few of the photos from the last set i juussstt posted in my photography thread (namely the waterfall ones)

  15. Last set~ My dork is even featured in one! Man i love him to bits~