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  1. brb self destructing <3

  2. that moment you realize you have very few art pieces you can sell as i don't even want to bother

  3. In case anyone's curious as to where my photography all ends up:

  4. Whats your story?

    Rune is a nature spirit! Limizuki (my old fursona) had summoned her to the mortal realm to help with a battle, but botched a rune in the summoning spell and got one of the most docile spirits she possibly could have gotten. Rune looks a lot like Limi because in my universe, spirits don't know how to take a physical form until they are summoned, in which case they typically take aspects of their summoner and add their own flair to it. Luckily for Limi, Rune is still powerful and was able to help in her conquest. After which, Limi set Rune free to do as she wished, which was unheard of in the spirit realm. As such, Rune kept Limi's colours as a sort of tribute to the one who set her free instead of enslaving her. Now Rune just sorta wanders the world, correcting environmental problems. Forest fire? She coaxes the grasses to grow back greener, the trees to return to life. Stuff like that. She is also the bridge to the death realm for living things such as birds, plants, etc. But, never fear! What dies gets reborn~ I'm still working on Rune's story, so it's a bit wonky!
  5. Rune's Photography!

    More from that glorious autumn hike Looks like this is it, too....unless yalls wanna see photos from a munchkin hockey game lol
  6. Rune's Photography!

    Most of what i have is from Sunday's hike! Warning: there's a catface orbweaver in this set, so if you dont like spiders...
  7. Gonna be posting what few photos I got from this last trip throughout the day....lots of autumn!

  8. Poor Stickers :( Danz's childhood kitty was struck by a car today and probably wont survive the night.

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    2. LadyArachne


      Cat's if they are reaching the end of there life or deathly sick they will find someplace quiet to die alone. It's sad but Oscar did that when he was having kidney problems.

    3. Rune


      Yeah, that's what I figured probably happened. Came home to say goodbye and rest a bit so he can leave to pass. Poor thing tho. Danz is pretty upset, and I can't imagine how his little bro is feeling. Ten years old is such a young age to have a pet die of such traumatic injuries..

    4. Cef Fur

      Cef Fur

      Really feeling for them.... I have been in that position too many times... Pass on the *HUGS* for me.


  9. Woo, gonna be a busy busy month. Canada next week for a long weekend and then Oregon the following week for work training. 

    1. Naomi


      Have fun and safe travels, Roon! :3

  10. Rune's Artsy Things!

    Finished it!
  11. Enthusiastic depression is a really fuckin weird feeling

  12. What are you listening to right now?! :D

    I have been OBSESSING over this music video. Waltz + Metal? Heck yeah! And i fuckin LOVE how they incorporated the rest of the band into it as well PLUS the story they tell with the lyrics. Guh.
  13. Rune's Artsy Things!

    Working on a new watercolour painting!
  14. Danz is somewhat of a hero, though he refuses to acknowledge it. 'Round 5 am, he heard screaming from the river and ran down, sprinted across the bridge and helped pull a girl out from it. She's okay, if a bit shaken up. Idk why people don't realize the Columbia is a dangerous fuckin river..

    1. Miral


      Tell Danz I gave him five billion stars for his good works

  15. Gonna probably start being crafty as fuck soon. Buttons/pins, t-shirts, stickers, etc. Could be fun!

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    2. Rune


      oh noes D: 

      don't do a ded! it's not that exciting!

    3. Shamha


      if you are gonna do shirts i would request either a afro sham shirt or a i walk up walls like a boss shirt.

    4. Rune


      Lmao i could even redraw them and put them on a shirt!