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  1. Open for painting commissions, message me for details~

  2. A Little R & R

    So his door actually doesn’t have a knob. It’s a deadbolt. So when he goes to close it, he tries to catch it to keep it from slamming shut and usually he just ends up slamming his hand in between the frame and door. He’s lost a nail or two already http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26986991/
  3. Anyone happen to know what the average cost of replacing pads on two disc and two drum brakes?

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    2. Rune


      2011 silverado. I found prices that vary too drastically

    3. crash


      well if your in Canada  lordco would be your best bet unless your having it put in at the shop then probly a different story


    4. Rune


      Well, sadly i dont know how to service drum brakes at all and i dont have the space or time to do it myself, so it will most likely be put in a shop. I'm gonna be taking it to a shop this weekend to check on the life of the brakes before i leave for canada next thursday

  4. i'm not okay, but i swear i'm just fine~

    1. Miral


      I completely agree.


    1. Ryokenohki


      Your face is a burfdae

  6. Rune's Artsy Things!

    finished painting commission~ aaannddd some detail shots~
  7. damn truck giving me a scare...luckily it's an easy fix, but apparently a bitch to find the part

  8. Gonna be holding a raffle once i hit the 200 watcher mark over on FA! http://www.furaffinity.net/user/runicnature

  9. A Little R & R

    So. He was cutting a potato once and the knife slipped and he managed to sever the two flexor tendons in his pinky. Pay attention when cutting potatoes, kiddos, they fight dirty. P.S. He eventually got himself fixed, but it was such a back and forth with the hospital being an idiot that it now has a permanent curl to it and is basically useless except to hang coats on http://www.furaffinity.net/view/26912974/
  10. traded in my cadillac for a truck~

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    2. Ryu Draco

      Ryu Draco

      Oh hey!! I drive an 03 Deville!! What a small world.

      I can totally agree with you though. It doesn't feel the most sturdy in the upstate NY winters. 

    3. Rune


      lol i'd sell you the 03 winter tires/rims i have if i could, but shipping would be astronomical lmao but yeah, i loved my Deville but I think it's time for something new

    4. Ryu Draco

      Ryu Draco

      I feel that. Well I wish you the best with Tony the Truck there. 

  11. Opening up a painting slot, PM me for info

  12. A Little R & R

    every week its a new adventure with a new injury. I’ll never be able to have one of those “xx days since last accident” signs with him. once he was cutting a potato he managed to sever the two flexor tendons in his pinky Tumblr | Facebook | Twitter
  13. Oregon tomorrow...being away from my dog for three and a half days is going to be really really rough because he grounds me

  14. You have a neat face

    1. Ryokenohki


      I believe that the current scientific consensus states that you are the one with a neat face

    2. Rune


      What if science is wrong and we BOTH have neat faces

    3. Ryokenohki



  15. only if he brings his wife