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  1. Just a gentle reminder to take care of yourself- physically and mentally. It's perfectly acceptable to be selfish if you need to take care of yourself

    1. Red


      You don't tell me what to do!

  2. Lol been here less than a month and was asked if i wanna be a temp department manager til may. Definitely feel a lot better working here than i did the dealership

  3. why is making doctor appointments so anxiety-inducing. I need to go but i've hung up like three times today before the receptionist could answer. How do you even broach the subject of why you need to be seen???

  4. in between jobs, so if you're interested in a commission, hit me up~

  5. Kyle

    What's your guilty pleasure band?

    not really a guilty pleasure i guess, but i love Poets of the Fall something fierce
  6. living only four hours from my fiance is...so nice now. I can pop up and back on my weekends no problem and it takes like...half the amount of gas it did before

  7. You know your workplace is fun when you come out of the training room to your coworker shoving another coworker into the trunk of a car on the sales floor

    1. Ragana


      I approve.

  8. first day as car sales was a success- now i need to do my certifications and then i can actually start selling

  9. fiiinnaalllyyy got my headlight fixed. I fixed it a few days ago but i been waiting to see if my fix holds, and huzzah it did! I had to extend the wiring a little bit to be able to connect the pigtail back up because the crevasse it sits in is such a pain in the ass to get crimping tools in (and i cant take the headlight out without removing the grille, and i can't remove the grille without removing the bumper....Chevy, y u such a pain in the ass). The headlight hasn't been working for god knows how long, considering the lense is still clear whereas the lense is fogged on the other headlight.



  10. Been a super long weekend, but we're moved in and slowly returning to normalcy. Starting a car sales job here soon as well, hopefully

  11. my art was featured in a popular youtuber's video ;u;

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    2. Ragana



    3. Kyle


      He also mentions the other fanart i did when he zooms into the Parasaur not long after

    4. Red


      Yay! This seems to be happening a lot to people.

  12. Finally, after three long weeks, I have my truck back good as new. Total repair cost? $5,198. Luckily other dude's insurance paid all of it.

  13. welp...truck isn't finished. I had been really looking forward to having her back today, but now i wont have her til monday at the earliest...

    1. Kyle


      here have a compilation of the damage


  14. Hopefully getting my truck back tomorrow ;~; i've missed her so much

  15. Sloowwllyy getting there. Kinda wish i had taken up the insurance's offer of a massage therapist for my neck, but ah well. I miss my truck 😞

  16. Stuck in a rental til the 18th...the guy really did a number on my poor truck...frame damage, hitch bent to fuck, bumper destroyed, etc... 😞 I just want my baby back

  17. Recovery is going slower than i would like it to. Why are brain injuries so annoying D:<

    1. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      I've only ever gotten a minor concussion or two, but I know that I felt fuzzy for weeks. It kinda sucks, but it brings into perspective just how fickle and fragile our brains are!

  18. appraisal today: apparently the guy hit me hard enough to separate my hitch assembly from the frame, along with the extensive bumper damage and knocking my gas gauge sensor out of whack.

    1. Stoneheart
    2. Kyle


      Yeah, i just noticed today that the hitch receiver is bent downwards too, luckily they intend to replace it

    3. Snowmew Justin

      Snowmew Justin

      I totally told you that the hitch was likely damaged. Glad things are moving forward on it though!

  19. I'm so tired of my head feeling like its stuck in a hydraulic press, of my neck being stiff to the point where no matter what position i'm in i can't be comfortable, not to mention these goddamn sounds ringing in my head. I cant drive anywhere because its overstimulating to the point where i shut down, and knowing that i wont be back to 100% for weeks just seems to make it so much worse

  20. Heading to urgent care in the morning to be checked out for concussion. I just wanna sleep Dx

    1. Kyle


      welp. concussion, whiplash, and elevated blood pressure. neato

  21. Kyle

    Rune's Artsy Things!

    Hey guys~ I know I have a commission thread already, but here is where I will be posting personal work, and maybe even some of my photographs~ I will also be making gifs of my layer breakdowns, and maybe even a few tutorials on my work process~ Oh and also work in progress shots! If anyone has any questions as to how I do my stuff, feel free to ask as well~ I would love to give my input as an artist to help those of you that aspire to be artists as well! Just remember, practice is everything!
  22. Kyle

    Rune's Artsy Things!

    BEHOLD MY GREATEST LEARNING CURVE YET no but seriously, this took a LOT of learning and patience. I'd never done iridescence before EVER, and so like.....god this was obnoxious to do. WHY DO I HAVE COMPLICATED CHARACTERS. Anyway, this is one of my shapeshifter characters in my up and coming novel, Dragon's Boon. Basically this pretty boy right here is the last of the dragons and blah blah blah. If you want to read it, I'm slowly posting my first draft up on Wattpad over -> https://www.wattpad.com/575372777-dragon's-boon-prologue
  23. Kyle

    Rune's Artsy Things!

    commission for someone on FB
  24. Can't wait to move. Tired of this shitty city and the awful traffic/people that come with it