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  1. Happy Birthday! :dance:

  2. well, wasnt expecting such a over hall on the update. i wasnt expecting all of this, 

  3. not on as much as i like to be but...eh....

  4. Not going on to be much the rest if the week skype me if tya want to chat some til i get back home

    1. Hyliad


      Take care hun
    2. Zefir Feruga

      Zefir Feruga

      *has some massive catching up to do*
  5. 7 to 4 shift and hardly and sleep. what could go wrong? :D (alot :I )

  6. Dukov Wolff

    The Fur Above Me

    TFAM needs to give me a hello some time so i can hug him so tight is back breaks ...er...so i can say hi back :3
  7. Extreamly down, just want to not go in to work to night and curl up in a corner and cry for abit.

  8. Dukov Wolff

    The Fur Above Me

    TFAM does not realise i dont have to achive it, i can just puck it from him, cause im a theif
  9. Dukov Wolff

    The Fur Above Me

    TFAM has a nice hat, and a very nice green shirt as well :3
  10. Dukov Wolff

    IRL Photos n' Shit

    looking sexy :3
  11. Chats acting up. maybe it will behave tomorrow.

  12. happy st patrick's day

    1. Red


      It was, wasn't it? It totally slipped by me this year. Not that I do anything special for occasion, mind you. It's the principle of the matter, yes?

  13. Gots a cold. just my luck with spring coming, fuck you spring >:/