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Dukov Wolff

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Status Updates posted by Dukov Wolff

  1. well, wasnt expecting such a over hall on the update. i wasnt expecting all of this, 

  2. not on as much as i like to be but...eh....

  3. Not going on to be much the rest if the week skype me if tya want to chat some til i get back home

    1. Hyliad


      Take care hun
    2. Zefir Feruga

      Zefir Feruga

      *has some massive catching up to do*
  4. 7 to 4 shift and hardly and sleep. what could go wrong? :D (alot :I )

  5. Extreamly down, just want to not go in to work to night and curl up in a corner and cry for abit.

  6. Chats acting up. maybe it will behave tomorrow.

  7. happy st patrick's day

    1. Red


      It was, wasn't it? It totally slipped by me this year. Not that I do anything special for occasion, mind you. It's the principle of the matter, yes?

  8. Gots a cold. just my luck with spring coming, fuck you spring >:/

  9. Sort of back. ok, got abit boreing not being on. still not done with things so im just being very limited with my time here now.

  10. Well i think im going to be off of here for a while, get some RL shit done. this place is nice but pretty distracting, High school showed me that :P any who, give a month or two and ill be back here. should be enough time to do things i need to get done


  12. Only two days left before im twenty one :D

  13. Only five more days left. :V

  14. Been a very rough week. only one more day and i can start a new. hope its better than this one.

  15. whoop whoop, Pull over. This guy Got his license. ≧◠◡◠≦✌

  16. Even though i feel sick and have to work ,and im sure that wont be fun, i have an usuall high amount of confidance in me. :3

  17. never though id feel so curshed when an artists says he would come back to a pic the you commisioned them for, and with out reason why

  18. Nap time for wolfy. see you guys in about 3 hrs or so.

  19. Driving alone tomorrow to work, 5 mins isnt long but im nervous none the less

    1. Scorch Prime

      Scorch Prime

      You kids grow up so fast :P

  20. back sooner than planned, sunburnt pretty bad....so make sure you wear sunscreen all the time :U

  21. busy week again, working lots and going camping in a few days, see you all on saturda

  22. Friday afternoon, doing part 2 of Megman Legends playthough Starting at One PM PST. all are free to join.

  23. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_GWPEKY_jk *Sniffles a little bit then wipes a way a single tear*
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